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Mostly Wrong

What the Heck?

What is Mostly Wrong?  It was a CD EP that was only available for sale through MP3.com, which is now defunct.  So I guess if you got a copy of this, consider yourself lucky!

It contained a subset of the songs from 404 Not Found's hit debut Something Is Wrong.  But, there were a number of songs on that first CD release which offended MP3.com's sensibilities. 

Track Listing

For full details about each of these songs, see the track descriptions on Something Is Wrong page.

Track Title
Ennio the Robot 1:20
High Speed Cranial Download 5:14
Braced for Impact 3:27
Something Is Wrong With My Penis 2:20
Grim World 3:28
Peril  2:57
Adventure 3:03
Every City (Instrumental Mix) 3:30
The XVT Space Song 4:17
We Must Dream 1:27

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