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Warts and All

Warts and All represents 404 Not Found's live set, developed over the course of 2002.  It features 11 pieces of industrial strength poetry - spoken word pieces set to electronic music.

If you've ever heard us in person, you know that we sound a lot different in live performance than we do on our studio recordings.  I wanted this CD to capture our live sound, but didn't want the variability of crowd noise, inept sound guys, beer bottles, etc.  So we played our one-hour set just as we would play at one of our live performances, but we did it in my house on the evening of December 5, 2002 instead of on stage.

To keep the "raw" feeling we desired, the tracks on the CD have absolutely no edits or overdubs.  From the very beginning, I wanted to create a 60 minute CD that was recorded and mixed in 60 minutes.  You hear everything we played, including mistakes, miscues, flubs, wrong notes, and the phone ringing.  In other words, this is an accurate representation of a typical  performance, warts and all.

Track Details

1          00:08               (places please)

2          08:32               The Way It Is

3          00:45               (when you need it most)

4          02:38               Stuck in a Slinky

5          05:04               Christmas at Grandpa's

6          08:49               Pretty

7          01:03               Ode to Credit Cards

8          07:27               Instant Gratification

9          07:01               My Penis on Planet-X

10        06:45               Flowers

11        05:52               Nightmare Lullaby

12        06:01               Spastic Colon

13        02:46               Birthdays

14        00:18               (the end)

Equipment Used

In keeping with the spirit of this effort, we used all the same gear we use for our live performances.

Todd plays a Korg Karma keyboard, a BOSS SP-505 sampler, and a 50 cent plastic whistle.  He uses a Shure BG 2.1 microphone, fed through an Alesis 3630 compressor and Digitech Studio Quad effects.

Scott uses a Shure SM-58 microphone, fed through an Alesis 3630 compressor, ZOOM 1204 effects, and Digitech Studio Quad Effects.

Byron plays a Jacquot Technologies Model 200 Toob Bass (tm), a snare drum, a tambourine, a splash cymbal, a riveted ride cymbal, a black cowbell, a potato shaker, and authentic elf-made jingle bells.  He uses a Shure PG58 mic and a CAD Equitek E-100 mic.

All this is mixed on an Alesis Studio 12R mixer.  Individual headphone feeds go to each performer by way of a Behringer HA4600 headphone amplifier.

To make this recording, the master mix was captured by an Edirol UA-1A USB audio interface and recorded on a PC running Goldwave.

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