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Todd Bradley

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Byron Jacquot

Gene Sobczak



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About the band

404 Not Found - spoken word meets avant-garde rock

404 Not Found is the musical group responsible for "Paper Cuts" and 5 other CDs.  It originally started in 1995 as an electronic music project featuring Todd Bradley, and a long list of guest performers.  For the first 6 years, the group was concerned solely with studio recording, and created 4 independently produced CDs during that period. 

2002 marked a new direction for the project, as it solidified into a core group of musicians focused on live performance of poetry and music.  This blossomed into 404 Not Found's first live CD, "Warts and All."  After refining their live sound through performances all over the Denver area, the group went into the studio in 2003 and recorded "Paper Cuts."

Todd Bradley is the founder and leader of the group, and plays keyboards.  He grew up playing piano and guitar, and performed in a number of fun but short lived heavy metal, punk, and new wave cover bands in the 80's and early 90's.  After finishing graduate school at the University of Colorado in 1992, he started assembling a home recording studio and recorded several hours of original material before starting the 404 Not Found project in 1995.  Todd' musical influences range from Black Sabbath to Yes to Devo.  His personal website is http://www.toddbradley.com.

Scott Siders is the "word guy" of the group. Scott is a writer and spoken word artist with a masterís of English degree in creative writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He published his first book of poetry, titled This Side of Oblivion, in 2002. Completed, but yet to be published or released work, includes a second collection of poetry, titled The Armpit of Desire, a screenplay, titled Ordinary Disguises, and a solo spoken word CD, titled et cetera et cetera. He is currently working on his first novel. Scott has been a part of 404 Not Found since 1999. His personal website is http://www.scottsiders.com.

Byron Jacquot has been a rock and roll drummer since age 3 and is responsible for all 404 Not Found's percussion.  Byron has been part of the project since 1999, and joined full time when 404 Not Found congealed into a traditional band in 2002.

Gene Sobczak is the group's bassist, and plays electric fretless bass guitar and electric fretless upright bass.

Stephanie Szostek was kind and brave enough to fill in on electric fretted bass guitar for several tracks from "Paper Cuts" while the group was looking for a full time bass player.

Here are some band photos from past live shows.

Other Past 404 Not Found Collaborators

  • Rich Van Hoesen: skipping discman, Briggs & Stratton
  • Bob the Robot: voice
  • Steve Genoff: voice
  • Chad Johnson: guitar, bass
  • Mike Roadifer: voice
  • The Trendy Llamas (Scott Swanstrom, Mike Kingdom, Ken LaBarre, and Todd Bradley): voice, bass, guitar, synthesizer, drums
  • Chad Marks: voice
  • Dirk Mewes: voice, saxophone
  • Ennio the Robot: voice

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