1. To whom it may concern,
    Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) Mail Services receives a large quantity of mail for students, faculty and staff. We even receive mail from those who are no longer on campus due to change of plans or graduation. DTS Mail Services attempts to delete the addresses of those who no longer are here. Therefore, could you remove the following address from the student, faculty or staff/customer?

    Lynn Keiser
    3909 Swiss Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75204

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Hi Todd. I’m sure you probably get a lot of emails inquiring about SCDS. I am a 40 y.o. female. I am an RN at a hospital in Kansas City. I have SCDS and am deciding if I should get a workup, as has been recommended to me. I have had NO testing done whatsover yet, but have been assured by a specialist at work that I have SCDS based on my symptoms. I would love to talk w/ you sometime. I am scared to get worked up…but the pulsatile tinnitus and the hearing my eyeballs is terrible. And I get dizzy when I move my eyes. The autophony can be bad when I talk loud and I can’t use the phone on my right ear because the room goes up and down. Do you live in Kansas City? Well, thanks. Most sincerely, Jennifer Finks

  3. Please help, I live near portland oregon..ive been to a few bad ents.wont listen to me, and now my doctor thinks im crazy, do you know a doctor here that can help me?

    1. Hi, barbi. I think I’ve read about a good SCDS surgeon in Portland, but I can’t remember the name. Please go sign up for http://scdssupport.org, and you’ll find testimonials about doctors in different cities.

      Also, I edited your comment to remove your phone number. I don’t feel right having anyone’s personally identifiable information on my website, except for my own.

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