This is the personal website of Todd Bradley.  I wear a lot of hats, and you may know me from one of several different perspectives.

I have been a software engineer since about 1988. Most of that time has been working for small to medium size commercial software companies, but I also served time at the world’s 2nd largest software company and a few startups.

I was a musician from about 1979 to 2005, which included time in several bands. My final one was 404 Not Found. With that group, I created several CDs of original music, and performed in the Denver area from about 2002 to 2005.

I was an amateur filmmaker from about 2006 to 2013. That included a stint as a freelance videographer from 2010 onward.

Lastly, I’m an internationally-recognized expert in roller derby, a former award-winning Ultimate Frisbee coach and player, and a lover of good food. If you’d like to reach me, see my Contact page.

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