This isn’t the answer I was expecting, but I appreciate the honesty to say “don’t bother reporting bugs to us, we aren’t interested in fixing them.”

From: Todd

To: Grubhub Customer Care

Hi, are you interested in bug reports from users? I keep running into the same bug in your app related to group orders, and have heard from a friend that he’s run into it also. I’m a pretty senior software developer, so I know how to trace and reproduce software bugs pretty well. But I also know that frankly some organizations don’t really care because they don’t address bugs reported by users anyhow. That’s why I’m asking up front. 

Let me know. Thanks,
Todd Bradley

From: Grubhub Customer Care

To: Todd

Thanks for reaching out to us! We’re not able to move forward with this at this time, but now that we have your info, we’ll be sure to reach out if our interests align. Until then, if you have any issues with an order, we’d be happy to assist you. Have a great day!

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