the ghost touch

My Apple Watch freaked out this morning. When I turned off my alarm after waking up, it spontaneously started flashing random apps on the screen, then called 911 and texted my GPS coordinates to Brooke and my sister-in-law Rachel to tell them I was having an emergency. I wondered if I had been hacked. And… Continue reading the ghost touch


This isn’t the answer I was expecting, but I appreciate the honesty to say “don’t bother reporting bugs to us, we aren’t interested in fixing them.” From: Todd To: Grubhub Customer Care Hi, are you interested in bug reports from users? I keep running into the same bug in your app related to group orders,… Continue reading honesty

recruiter trash

Here’s an example of the kind of messages I get these days from technical recruiters: Urgent requirement for Factory Automation Engineer at Waterloo, Iowa From: Mohit Kumar Factory Automation Engineer at Waterloo, Iowa¬†Variable shifts (Off shift) – Onsite W2 Contract 1 Year to start with possible extensionCall @ 734 656-8818 Or Resume @ There… Continue reading recruiter trash


I think I’ve worked for about a dozen companies in my lifetime, and my new employer is the first one of those that gave me Election Day off work as a paid holiday.

goodbye and good riddance, Facebook, Inc.

It’s done. I just deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It was fun for a few years, but the relationship turned sour after one of us started lying to the other, then pretended to take steps to improve but just kept lying. Separation took a few months of planning and preparation. Here’s the blog post… Continue reading goodbye and good riddance, Facebook, Inc.

how to reduce your risk of credit card fraud

I’m gonna explain an easy thing you can do to reduce your risk of being a victim of credit card fraud. I first read about this trick a few years back, and started doing it myself. I can say from first-hand experience that it works. The Two Card Approach The basic idea is this: Get… Continue reading how to reduce your risk of credit card fraud

mile high composting and voting

Since this past spring, I’ve been working to arrange composting at my condominium complex. And this week it starts to pay off. Denver Compost Collective is an organization that collects food waste from apartment dwellers and takes it to their large scale composting facility. Then they give the resulting “black gold” to a local urban… Continue reading mile high composting and voting

MacBook Pro battery recall

Earlier this week I learned about a recall of MacBook Pro computers from 2015. So I went here to read more: And I learned that my personal laptop is part of the recall! I wonder if they were going to proactively contact me, since Apple know that computer belongs to me and where to… Continue reading MacBook Pro battery recall

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