COVID-19 and Me, Part 6

My last “COVID-19 and Me” post was back in late October 2021, shortly after I got my Moderna booster shot. Perhaps that’ll be the first booster of many; I have no idea. They’ve been telling us since the beginning of the pandemic that it’s really just a matter of time before we all get COVID.… Continue reading COVID-19 and Me, Part 6

celebration of life

This weekend was the “celebration of life” ceremony for my father. My family and a ton of friends and neighbors met in Redstone, Colorado for hour-long program at the Church at Redstone, followed by a catered BBQ lunch with lots of cookies and ice cream for dessert. Dad was so loved that three different pastors… Continue reading celebration of life

visiting Emeril

I just made dinner reservations at Emeril’s New Orleans, his “flagship” restaurant. My department at work is going to New Orleans next month for a three day planning meeting. So I decided to lead a group outing to get some great food on the first night. I haven’t been to this restaurant before – only… Continue reading visiting Emeril

mile high composting and voting

Since this past spring, I’ve been working to arrange composting at my condominium complex. And this week it starts to pay off. Denver Compost Collective is an organization that collects food waste from apartment dwellers and takes it to their large scale composting facility. Then they give the resulting “black gold” to a local urban… Continue reading mile high composting and voting

Pride Parade 2019

In Denver, this was pride weekend. I was invited to walk in today’s parade as part of the Employees of the State of Colorado group, which I did. It was good fun. I got to meet the governor, wave a sign, and get in a nice walk on a nice day. Here is a photo… Continue reading Pride Parade 2019

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