precognition and synchronicity

I realized earlier this week that all the science fiction stories I’ve been consuming lately have a common theme – a character who can see the future and present at the same time. They’re all about someone who surpasses thinking just in the present and develops the ability to treat time as a fluid experience.… Continue reading precognition and synchronicity

a few words about daylight saving time

It’s very nearly springtime, and Daylight Saving Time went into effect last weekend. That means everyone is cranky, traffic accidents are up, and folks are asking the evergreen question, “Why do we even have this damned thing?” Supposedly the answer has something to do with wasting less daylight, and saving more of it. But I’m… Continue reading a few words about daylight saving time

something strange about this virus

Now that we’re a few months into dealing with the pandemic most call COVID-19, something just occurred to me. Doctors have been telling us from the beginning that the virus is transmitted on tiny droplets of water in people’s breath, right? Basically, someone who’s infected (whether they know it or not) coughs or sneezes, and… Continue reading something strange about this virus

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COVID-19 and Me, Part 1

May 16, 2020 I want to document a little bit of what it’s been like for me during the first part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Day-to-day life in America has changed pretty rapidly, and we’ve already adapted to most of it. So it’s not really news. But it’s different enough from the way things were… Continue reading COVID-19 and Me, Part 1

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I’m using #HowWeFeel to help track and fight COVID-19. For each new user HWF is donating a meal through @FeedingAmerica. 511,691 meals donated so far! Download it here:

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what a day

April 2, 2020. It’s been a memorable and unusual day. First, I got furloughed from my job. It’s essentially an unpaid and indefinite leave of absence. I’m still an employee, and still get my employee benefits. But I don’t get paid. This doesn’t surprise me too much. Obviously, the economy is in trouble right now,… Continue reading what a day

phone like a walkie talkie

When and why did people switch from using mobile phones like this… …to like this… …? Please answer in the comments below.

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goodbye and good riddance, Facebook, Inc.

It’s done. I just deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It was fun for a few years, but the relationship turned sour after one of us started lying to the other, then pretended to take steps to improve but just kept lying. Separation took a few months of planning and preparation. Here’s the blog post… Continue reading goodbye and good riddance, Facebook, Inc.

mile high composting and voting

Since this past spring, I’ve been working to arrange composting at my condominium complex. And this week it starts to pay off. Denver Compost Collective is an organization that collects food waste from apartment dwellers and takes it to their large scale composting facility. Then they give the resulting “black gold” to a local urban… Continue reading mile high composting and voting

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