Todd’s Birthday 2021

I regret that I am unable to present this invitation to you in person, but Alderaan has fallen under a planet-wide pandemic, and I’m afraid my mission to plan a more traditional birthday party has failed. I have placed information vital to your attendance at a safe and socially-distanced celebration into the memory systems of this R2 unit, below…

Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan

Event: Todd Bradley’s Birthday
Date: Saturday March 20, 2021
Time: Doors at 6:30, film starts at 7:00
Location: Sie Filmcenter, 2510 East Colfax Ave, Denver
Film: “Star Wars” 4k77 restoration

This private showing includes a complimentary small popcorn and soda for each guest. No outside food or beverages will be permitted. Additional concessions will be available for purchase.

For safety, we will stay in “pods” of guests from the same household. This private theater rental has a 10 person limit. RSVP as soon as you know you can attend (with no more than two sidekicks, please). I’ll then send you a drink menu to choose from, because I have to provide a list in advance. Afterward, if your plans change, let me know, so I can scratch you off the list and make room for others.

Most important, if you don’t feel comfortable sitting in a movie theater for a couple hours, I totally understand. I won’t feel bad if you can’t or won’t attend.


  • All “pods” will sit at least 6′ from each other.
  • Guests are required to wear masks or face coverings in common areas and may take them off once seated in the theater.
  • Individual “pods” will not be allowed to mingle together. Therefore no hugs, handshakes, or gifts for the birthday boy, please.
  • All guests will have their temperature taken upon entry to the Sie FilmCenter. Temperatures over 100 degrees will not be allowed in the facility.
  • If you are not feeling well, stay home.
  • If you have recently been near someone who is infected, stay home.
  • If you have health conditions that put you at high risk, stay home.

The entire FilmCenter will be thoroughly sanitized prior to your arrival, and the Sie staff follows all CDC guidelines explicitly to ensure your safety. So grab your complimentary drink and popcorn, kick back, relax, and enjoy having the Sie all to yourselves!

More details:

Film nerd details

“Star Wars” (aka “Episode IV”, sometimes called “A New Hope”) is my favorite movie of all time. It’s not the best film ever, and most people feel it’s not even the best Star Wars film. But it forever changed the world of film making, and has impacted global pop culture in a way that no other science fiction film has.

Since the 1990s, each time Lucasfilm released the film on a new format (DVD, Blu-ray, streaming video) they changed the film in a variety of ways that take it farther from the film that was seen by millions in theaters. George Lucas felt each of these new versions was slightly better that before. Many fans disagree. A group of unpaid and anonymous film restorers have painstakingly created a 4K (UHD) version that is the closest thing possible to viewing the original film in a top notch theater in the summer of 1977. This is “Project 4K77“.

The version we’ll be watching is the UHD version 1.4, with color correction and without DNR (digital noise reduction). I could go on and on, but this is the best version of my favorite movie, and that’s why I want to share it as my birthday gift with you. Plus, many of us haven’t seen a film in a real theater with real movie popcorn since a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


Han Shot First T-Shirt Movie Apparel | Textual Tees

the last Star Wars movie

I’m gonna try to keep this short. Keep your fingers crossed.

I’ve got a long history with the Star Wars films, having seen the first one in a drive-in theater with my family the summer it came out 42 years ago. The original (Episode IV, it was later called) is my favorite movie of all time, and a few years back when they chose that to be the first major motion picture translated into the Navajo language (Diné bizaad) I was there for the public premiere.

For New Years Eve 2019 earlier this week, Brooke and I went to see “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker“. This concludes the trilogy of trilogies that George Lucas planned way back in the 80s. The whole thing finished without Lucas, of course, since Disney bought Lucasfilm and he wasn’t really involved in the final trilogy – the sequel films. But this has been billed as completing the big story arc that was started when “Star Wars” was released in 1977. So it holds some significance for me.

I walked away from the movie feeling a little stunned. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. I was glad the story line finally came to an end, of sorts. I was glad that a lot of loose ends were tied up. I really like the characters and the acting. But the film didn’t really come together for me. It didn’t feel like something I wanted to see again (that’s the same way I felt about Episode XIII). I wasn’t sure why I felt that way. So I turned to Red Letter Media.

Red Letter Media is a group of YouTube video makers who got internet-famous several years ago by doing a set of seven videos analyzing the film “The Phantom Menace”. The videos go into great detail about where the film fell short, and – most importantly to me as someone interested in film making – why George Lucas made all these terrible choices. The short answer is that there was nobody who had the ability or guts to tell Lucas when he was doing something stupid; due to his stature, he was surrounded by yes-men. The long answer is…well, just watch the videos. It’s 70 minutes of the best film analysis I’ve witnessed, delivered in a very weird package.

Anyhow, the Red Letter Media guys put out a 70 minute analysis of Episode IX, and I thought it might give me some insights. I was 100% right. It explained a bunch of things I missed. But most of all, it helped me understand in concrete terms why the film doesn’t really work that well. The short answer is that it was J.J. Abrams and he’s a bad writer and only a mediocre director. The long answer is…well, just watch the video.

Besides helping me understand my feelings about the film, Red Letter Media’s Half in the Bag review also surprised me. The guys kept talking about a film called “Marriage Story” with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. The movie reviewers were pointing out the irony of these two actors getting fortune and fame for being in dumb action movies and then turning around and doing a film nobody’s going to hear of that actually uses their acting talent. So Brooke and I decided to watch “Marriage Story” last night, and the Red Letter Media guys were right. It’s an amazing film, and puts the two lead actors in a whole new light for me. It was hard to watch at times. It’s a very emotional film, with amazing performances. You should make a point to watch it if you have Netflix.

Also, after watching the Red Letter Media review of Star Wars IX, I realized there’s one thing they didn’t mention about the sequel trilogy that was actually a good thing. Not once was there any mention of midichlorians or Jar Jar Binks. And that’s a good thing. I’m glad some parts of Lucas’ world have been swept under the rug.

Speaking of Lucas’ world, if you haven’t seen “The Mandalorian” series yet, I recommend that, too. It’s got all the good things about Star Wars, and none of the bad. Including midichlorians. I think small films and TV series are the future of the franchise. Disney has proven that Star Wars has run out of steam when it comes to major motion pictures.

This is the way

oh how they danced

At the neighborhood coffee shop, there is a Stonehenge monument in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.


Alien double header

The local art cinema is playing “Alien” as the midnight movie this Friday and Saturday night. That gave me the idea of how to spend my Independence Day evening. I’m now watching a double header – “Alien” (Ridley Scott) and “Aliens” (James Cameron).

I’d forgotten how many big name actors there were in the first one – Sir Ian Holm, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto, and Harry Dean Stanton – along with Sigourney Weaver.

Well, it looks like I chose well since I think the Denver fireworks display is likely to be canceled. We are under a severe thunderstorm warning with lots of wind and rain, and had a tornado watch a little bit ago. It’s a good night to stay inside and watch movies.

Film Music


Just got home from the new film “Rocketman”. It was enjoyable – maybe not as much as “Bohemian Rhapsody” but it had dancing, more like “Across the Universe”.


wait a minute, King?

I’m a little excited about the trailer for this film, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. But wait a minute, isn’t Godzilla a “she”? Shouldn’t it be “Godzilla: Queen of the Monsters”?

Well, Wikipedia to the rescue:

“Godzilla was referred to as a male and was depicted laying eggs through parthenogenesis.” I don’t know what parthenogenesis means, but I guess it means males can lay eggs.

So, never mind.

Eastern Hemisphere Film Travel

a tale of two movies

Chandigarh is a bit different than the other Indian cities we visited. For one thing, it’s a very modern planned city. The whole thing is laid out in a grid, with major streets at regular intervals separating sections of the city they call “sectors”. It sounds kinda sci-fi, but to tell a taxi driver directions to your hotel, you can just say something as simple as, “We need to go to Hotel Emerald in Sector 8-C.” And the driver will know how to find it. The streets are wide and paved, and there are traffic lights that work and that people obey. So traffic flow is faster and more orderly.

There isn’t much touristy to see in Chandigarh, and that’s one of the reasons we wanted to go. We just stayed three nights, and I wanted to see how this modern city was different. The first night we arrived by bus we just had supper at the hotel restaurant and then went to our room. The next day we went exploring in our sector by foot. On the way to an area I found on Google Maps with restaurants, we stumbled into a park with a middle school in it. As we walked by the playground, a bunch of kids gathered on the other side of the chain link fence to try out their English skills on us. Some were too shy and just waved, but others said things like “good evening, sir”. We stopped and chatted with some of them, telling them where we were from, etc. Chandigarh doesn’t get many western tourists, so we were much more of a novelty there than we were in most places we traveled. The next day, when we visited “The Rock Garden” several Indian tourists wanted photos with us, and a group of high school aged kids talked to us quite a bit.

But on that first day, our only priorities were to do some basic shopping and then go see a Bollywood film. It would be a pity to spend a month in India and not see a Bollywood film!

Remember my previous blog post about the bus ride from Amritsar to Chandigarh? Well let’s roll back time to that previous day, to when the bus company put a movie on the TV screen at the front of the bus for everyone to watch…

The movie was all in Hindi, of course, without English subtitles. There were some graphics early on that said DILWALE. I knew from the massive ad campaign that “Dilwale” was a brand new film that had just been released in cinemas the day before. So I assumed what I saw was a trailer for the film before whatever other Bollywood film played.

But the more I watched out of the corner of my eye, the more I suspected that somehow this was the actual real “Dilwale” film. It didn’t seem possible that they would release the film on DVD the same time as in the theater, given what a huge blockbuster it was. Maybe the bus company got a pirated version? I don’t know. That seemed unlikely, so I convinced myself I must be wrong. This must just be a movie that looked a lot like the ads I’d seen for “Dilwale”.

After the first film was over, there was still time in the journey for them to play a second film. The first had been set in the modern day, with lots of car chases and gunfights and stuff. The second film was a period piece with sword fighting and dancing. I was more interested in listening to my audiobook of “The Martian”.

Fast forward 24 hours. Now we’ve checked into our hotel in Chandigarh, and got a full night’s rest. We took a walk, talked to the middle school kids, and gotten some lunch. Then we went back to the hotel. We both wanted to go see a Bollywood film in the theater, like I was saying, so I did some research.

The first thing I learned is that no cinema shows Bollywood films with English subtitles. There is just no reason to. If you’re going to a Bollywood film, you gotta understand Hindi. The second thing I learned is that out of the 16 cinemas in the Chandigarh area, they are playing a total of only four films. Two of those are American films. And every single cinema in the city is playing one or both of two different Bollywood films.

The first film, of course, was “Dilwale”. The second film was one called “Bajirao Mastani.” So I decided to research them both, to decide which we should attend. The first one had the bigger name stars, but got worse reviews. The second one had some relative newcomers with better reviews.

But I realized something very strange. These two films were the exact same films that had played on the bus the previous day! The period piece that I didn’t pay much attention to? That was “Bajirao Mastani”! In the end, that was the one we chose to see on the big screen. So it was sort of the second time we’d seen the film, but the bus ride ended before the film did, and neither of us really paid attention to it anyhow.

I was blown away by the strange coincidence. There were only two Bollywood films playing in any of the 16 Chandigarh area cinemas, and our bus company played both those same films on the intercity bus for free. You’d never see that in America.

I’d really like to know the story behind how Libra bus company was able to play these two films on its bus. Does film distribution work very different in India? Is piracy that easy and unprosecuted that a for-profit company will show pirated films?


By the way, I’m really glad we chose “Bajirao Mastani” over “Dilwale”. It sparked in me an interest in the history of the transition of power in India from the Muslims (the Mughals) to the Hindus (the Marathas) in the 1700s and early 1800s. Plus, the song and dance numbers in the film were awesome. I want to see it again when I can get a version with English subtitles, so as to actually understand the plot better.

Eastern Hemisphere Film Travel

money, sweat, and Matt Damon

We just got home (which means the B&B where we’re currently staying in Jakarta) from watching “The Martian”. I think I liked it a lot more than Beth did, though I found a lot of it to be unrealistic or unnecessarily sappy. I liked Matt Damon’s performance, but disliked many of the other actors. I’m not sure whether to blame it on the script or the director.

Anyhow, we saw the film at a nearby shopping center called the Lippo Mall Kemang Village. It was a long, sweaty, harrowing walk there, and a long, sweaty, even more harrowing walk back. The creators of Lippo Mall didn’t design the place to be pedestrian friendly. They assumed every patron would arrive by personal car or by taxi. So there are literally no sidewalks leading to any of the several entrances to the enormous building.

Todd and the god on Semang Oct 2015
On the walk back from the shopping mall, a group of people came down both sides of the street. They were playing music and shaking buckets with loose change to get everyone’s attention, and they were accompanied by this. I donated the coins from my pocket, so he stopped for a photo with me.

That seems to be par for the course in Jakarta, though. Pedestians just walk in the street, or when there’s any room on the side of the street, they walk there. And since we’re not renting a car, we’re pedestrians!

Traffic is so crazy here. I’d heard about drivers in the developing world from my friend Bob, but even his frightening descriptions didn’t do Jakarta traffic justice. I think there is no way I could explain in words just how crazy it is, so Beth suggested I make a little video to show you. I think I’ll strap my GoPro on, hit the record button, and walk down one of the main streets during night time rush hour.

Unrelated to the insane traffic, I’m having trouble keeping perspective on money and prices. The film today, since it’s Thursday, was a discount price. Adult tickets were 40,000 IDR each. And then I bought a small salty popcorn for 15,000. So that’s 95,000, which is about 7 US dollars. So that’s, what, roughly 1/4 of what we’d pay for a movie and popcorn for two in the states. But then when we were deciding what to order at the Chinese restaurant afterward, I changed my order because the first thing that sounded good was 51,000, which was a lot compared to the second best thing which was 27,000. But later Beth pointed out the difference really is only $1.60 in US terms. So why make a big deal about it?

Last thought of the night: This B&B doesn’t have hot running water. The sink and shower in the bathroom both just have one faucet. Morning showers, after having slept in the air conditioned bedroom all night, feel shockingly cold. But after coming home drenched in sweat from a long walk, that shower feels delightful.


film sound gear for sale

UPDATE: The entire set of sound gear is now sold.


I bought a bunch of film sound gear back in 2006, and have used it very sporadically since then. But I realized I haven’t used most of it at all in the past year, so I’d like to sell it. I honestly don’t know what all this is really worth in 2015 prices. I can’t find most of these things on Ebay, since it’s fairly specialized gear. It’s all very well cared for, and I’m glad to prove it by taking extensive photos or having you come take a look in person. I’m annoyingly gentle and professional with my gear, and never smoke. It’s all in my apartment on Capitol Hill in Denver at the moment if you want to check it out.

I’d like to sell it all as one lot, to save hassle. Also, a lot of it is meant to go together; for instance, there’s no point in owning a a backup shock mount for a K-Tek boom pole if you don’t have the pole it fits. So I’m looking for someone to just make an offer on the whole set. I think there may be a few things that go with this stuff that I forgot to list, too. Like I see I listed the ENG cable, but I’ve also got an ENG cable extension that adds like another 75′ to it.

The two main items are the K-Tek graphite internally-wired boom pole and the Sound Devices MixPre. If you know location sound, you already know these two companies are widely considered the best in the business at what they do.

Here is the list of equipment I want to sell.

Item Purchased New Price
K-Tek KTK102CCR K-102CCR 5-Section Graphite Fiber Boom Pole 04/27/06 $564.95
K-Tek KTKSM Microphone Shock Mount 04/27/06 $119.95
50 ft. Cable ENG 09/26/06 $112.00
Sound Devices SOMIXPRE Mixpre 05/01/06 $665.95
POMX24MINI PortaBrace MX-24MINI Audio Mixer Case 05/01/06 $99.95
K-HE 750 Hodges Effect Brass Weight 10/26/06 $59.95
K-Tek KTKSM Microphone Shock Mount 10/26/06 $119.95

All that adds up to a smidge over $1700 new. Given the condition and longevity of this stuff, it’s probably worth about half of that used.

Consumer Experiences Film Music

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Todd in Alien Mask
Todd in Alien Mask

I got a bunch of nice gifts for Christmas 2014, including some strange surprises like a rubber green alien mask. But I want to talk about one gift that is so much cooler than expected. It’s the Amazon Fire TV Stick. I read about it a month or two ago, and thought it would be a fun little toy to have and not too expensive. But Beth thought it was a frivolous purchase we didn’t really need, so I just put it on my Amazon wishlist and didn’t order one for myself. Fortunately, my parents gave me one as a gift.

Beth was right in that it’s something of a frivolous purchase. It doesn’t do anything that I don’t already have a way of doing. The main thing I wanted was just a way to easily stream movies from Amazon Prime Instant Video (a service where you can watch some movies or TV shows for “free” if you have Amazon’s “Prime” shipping service) or Netflix. I was able to watch Netflix movies from our TiVo HD, but if I wanted to watch stuff from Amazon I had to plug my laptop into our TV, change the settings around, and play the video on my laptop. It was possible, but it made watching any TV show or movie into a 10 minute affair just to set things up, and another 10 minutes to take it all back down later. For a 50 minute TV show, that’s a pain.

Anyhow, the Fire TV Stick arrived earlier this week and I spent some time after work setting it up on Monday night. It does way more than I originally realized, and brings a bunch of entertainment and news into our living room that we didn’t have. The Stick is just a tiny gizmo that plugs into a power supply and into the HDMI input on the TV. It’s very similar to a thing called Google Chromecast that came out a year or so ago. But Amazon’s seems to do more. Here are all the things I’ve set it up to do:

  • Watch Amazon Prime TV and movies – This is free if you have Amazon Prime
  • Listen to all the music I ever bought from Amazon, through the TV
  • Listen to Amazon’s free music collection, sort of like Spotify – Also free if you have Amazon Prime
  • Watch any streamed movie or TV show from Netflix streaming – a Netflix subscription costs money of course
  • Watch any YouTube video, especially my video playlists of travel oriented videos
  • Listen to my favorite local radio stations – These are streamed online and played on the TV using a Fire “app” called tunein. I had no idea I could get radio on this thing, including KUVO (Denver’s jazz station, which normally has a weak signal), Radio 1190 (the CU college station that I can’t even pick up in Denver), KGNU, NPR, CPR, and NOAA weather radio.
  • Listen to streamed music from the Spotify service – I have Spotify premium already, which is required to make this work.
  • Listen to police and fire scanner radios – Here’s another thing I had no idea was possible. I occasionally listen to the police scanner during regional emergencies like when we had tornado warnings in our neighborhood last summer.
  • Watch videos from PBS’ free online video archive – This includes things like Ken Burns series, etc.

I’ve seen a few other things that this thing will do that I haven’t tried yet:

  • Stream music from my huge iTunes library on my laptop’s external hard drive
  • Play games, both free and not
  • View my library of photos, either from my Mac or by uploading them (for free) into Amazon’s cloud

I’m tempted to just ditch the old TiVo HD, but there are still a few things I use it for that aren’t replaced by the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • Record and time shift Broncos games. I don’t see any way to play live TV on this, much less record it so I can skip through commercials.
  • Record other over-the-air TV programs, like “Nova”, travel shows, “Soul Train”, “Land of the Lost”, and “The Joy of Painting”. If there was just a service that would take over-the-air TV broadcasts and stream them online — the same way that’s done with FM and AM radio and police scanners — that would be ideal. But the one company that tried this got taken to court and lost, and later filed Chapter 11.

So for the time being, I’m using the Stick as a replacement for a laptop for watching movies and as a replacement for a radio. It’s so much more convenient than how I was doing things. But I’m not ready to get rid of the TiVo and over-the-air antenna yet.