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A couple months ago I had a craving for a flat white, an espresso and milk drink that is popular in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve only visited each of those countries once, but quickly latched onto the flat white as my “go to” drink there. But many cafes in the US don’t make them, or at least don’t make them right. I’m not gonna go into what makes a flat white “right”; for more on that, see the attached article at the end of this post.

If you’ve never had one, the drink is similar to a latte but much smaller – six ounces, the size of a proper cappuccino.

So I posted a question to the r/denverfood subreddit, to get people’s opinions on where to find the best flat white in Denver. And then I tabulated the responses and sorted them by how many upvotes they got. In this way, I was able to put together this ranked list of cafes to try, recommended by the internet.

My goal now is to go down the list and try each one. I started that, but haven’t finished yet. Of course I’m taking notes about each one. I marked down the city names for cafes that aren’t in Denver proper.

The best flat whites of Denver

  • Stowaway Kitchen, 2528 Walnut St.
  • Fluid Coffee Bar, 501 E 19th Ave.
  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, 1619 Reed St., Lakewood
  • Huckleberry Roasters, 1800 Wazee St.
  • Jubilee, 1452 Kenton St, Aurora
  • Steam Espresso Bar, 1801 S Pearl St.
  • Little Owl Coffee, 1555 Blake St.
  • Amante Coffee, 1612 17th St.
  • Copper Door Coffee Roasters, 1085 York St.

More about the flat white:

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