I had to get the oil changed in our truck the other day, and it was around lunchtime, so I stopped at Oscar’s for a sandwich to take with me to the auto repair shop.  Oscars is a tiny little building that’s about a block down Vance from 120th.  If you don’t know it’s there and don’t pay attention as you speed down 120th, you might never even see the place.  But it’s at 119th Place and Vance, “between Grease Monkey and Meineke” as the to-go menu says.

Oscars serves pizza and sandwiches, and so I decided to have the “Beef Cheddar Mushroom” sandwich.  They were out of cheddar cheese, said the proprietress in her eastern European accent.  So I had mozzarella instead.  The sandwich was just those three things on a very nicely toasted submarine roll.  It was very tasty, especially after I added a little bit of yellow mustard (from a packet I took from the concession stand at the baseball park).  The sandwich probably could’ve used some tomatoes and onions, but was still very good as-is. With a can of pop and a bag of chips, it was $6.75.

In addition to a variety of pizzas – including take ‘n’ bake pizza – and the hot and cold subs, Oscars also has fresh baklava for $2.99, a few salads, calzones, and gyros.  In fact, the Oscar’s to-go menu brags that they are “Broomfield’s Only Gyros Restaurant”.  That’s not really true, since the Mediterranean Cafe at FlatIron Crossing also serves gyros, but it’s enough of a statement that I think I should try their gyros next.  I’m pretty sure it’s of the variety that comes out of a box as thin slices of meat that you grill, as opposed to the big spit of rotating meat to be sliced off.

Oscar’s takes cash and credit cards, but no checks.  They’re open 11 to 6 Monday through Friday, 11 to 5 on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.  They have seating indoors and out.

11890 Vance Street
Broomfield, CO 80020

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