we’re getting a real butcher shop!

I just read this from the Broomfield Enterprise:


Herb’s Meat and Specialty Foods, which has been a Boulder fixture since 1976, will relocate to the Depot Hill Shopping Center at the corner of U.S. 287 and 10th Avenue. High rents and a shifting customer base are forcing the independently owned butcher out of its longtime home.

Woo hoo!  A real butcher shop within walking distance of my house.  Now if we could just get an independent owned coffee shop and a real bakery in the same area…


  1. I wrote a post recently (http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com/2009/06/just-few-june-news-notes.html) from the Boulder perspective with new that Herb’s was moving OUT. I guess it’s the there it goes/here it comes ying and yan (or is it yin and yang? – I can never remember).

    Sympathies for not having an independent cafe. I was looking for one somewhere along US 36 to meet someone from Westminster for an interview. I only found two between there and Boulder — one that served coffee and tea, and did tattooing. The other in Superior that closed at 6 on the evening when we had an appointment at 7. A new business for someone??

    1. The place that you’re thinking of that does tattooing is Bananelope Cafe, adjacent to Smokey Banana. That’s the one remaining independently-owned coffee shop in Broomfield I was referring to. It’s great, but I wish we had a couple others.

  2. I think the original Broomfield Enterprise article isn’t available online anymore. But they missed their original planned move date. I called the store in Boulder a couple months ago, and the woman said they’re now aiming to open in Broomfield in January. I haven’t seen any activity in the strip mall where they said they’re going to move, though.

  3. Can you believe that I wrote this article 14 months ago and Herb’s still hasn’t opened in Broomfield? Even my comment above that the owner was now targeting a January 2010 opening was way too optimistic. It’s now August 2010 and they still aren’t open. I read an article in the Broomfield Enterprise a couple weeks ago that things are stalled waiting on permits from the state health department, or some such.

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