recovery at nearly two months after surgery

My inner ear / skull base surgery was February 27, which means it’s been almost two months now! I wrote an update about a month ago, so here’s the latest news.

I went back to driving a car and haven’t had any problems with it.

A couple weeks ago I first I noticed that when I walk on concrete now, I hear the sound of my shoes hitting the sidewalk more than the sound of the impact going up my legs and skeleton and into my inner ear through my skull. This is a very nice feeling that I’m sure everyone reading this takes for granted, but it’s something that hasn’t been the case for me in about three or four years.

The sound of my voice in my left ear is actually quieter now than in my right ear. It hasn’t been that way for about six years, since before my very first surgery. That was my biggest complaint and the primary reason for wanting to have surgery. I’ve noticed that it has gotten quieter in the left ear even in just the past month.

I do have increased ringing that sounds like a high pitched whine in my left ear. I’ve always had that in both ears, and then the right ear got worse after it was operated on. Now the left ear is worse since getting operated on. But I don’t know if it’s really worse than before surgery, or if it’s just that the other noises are quieter so I notice this more.

The incision scar still feels weird, and the area around it is still a little sensitive, but nothing I’m concerned about.

I rode my bike a couple times and had no problems

I’ve been careful not to strain when bending over, but have noticed that sometimes when I bend at the waist my head doesn’t feel good. So I try not to do that.

I’m continuing to take one 500 mg extended release Diamox before bed each night. It seems like I’ve had headaches more often than usual lately, but about the same number before and after surgery; it’s just more than I’m used to from a year ago. I usually blame this on dehydration and then try to drink more water.

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