It’s OK

Hey, wanna see a music video that I directed, shot, and edited? Well, here you go:

The song is “It’s OK” by Half Zen. Their first CD, “Wesoterica” (I have no idea what the title means) is going to be released later in February. The front man is a long time friend of mine from playing D&D in the 90s, and he started writing music a few years ago, then put together a band and recorded an album. Once he had the tracks recorded, he asked me to create a music video.

“But I have no experience with music videos, and essentially stopped videography and filmmaking a few years ago,” I said to Gresch. He wanted me to try anyhow, and there’s the result.

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  1. Yeah, the song is very catchy. The first time I played it, Brooke and her friend Amy were visiting, and they both started dancing uncontrollably around my living room. And sometimes the tune will get stuck in my head for days at a time.

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