Earlier this week, I finally finished reading a book I started in Hawaii. It was “Hammerfall” by CJ Cherryh. I had wanted to get a sci fi book that was representative of current, modern sci fi. You see, I haven’t read much science fiction in the past 15 years, and I realized that when I did read a book I’d just get one by an author I already knew. So I figured I needed to get current. Cherryh not only has won several recent awards, but is (apparently) female. 15+ years ago, it was something a rarity for a female sci fi author to get ramous. Sure, there were a few, but all the most popular sci fi books when I was a teenager were from male authors. Nowadays, it seems like things are reversed! Based on browsing through the bookstore, it seems like there are actually more popular sci fi books from women than men. Anyhow, I chose this one and read it and enjoyed it. So I’m recommending it. To see what I may be reading next, see here.

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