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I rode my bike to work this morning for the first time of 2007. It wasn’t too fast of a ride, partly because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to really push it, but more importantly because most of the ride was going right into the sun and I was having a hard time seeing obstacles on the road and sidewalk. Plus, as so often happens, the traffic was so heavy along Zuni/Federal that I couldn’t turn where I needed to.

But, my time this morning to work was 35:28. That’s my new time to beat for this year, which shouldn’t be hard.

According to this blog article from October of last year, my best time from home to work is 29:52. So I’ve got lots of time to shave off to beat that. But later in the year when I’m not riding right into the sunrise and feeling more like pedaling hard, I should be able to do it. As long as nobody runs me over.

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