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There’s a way I can set up this blog such that people can be notified by email when it’s updated. I don’t know how many people read this regularly (probably not too many), but if you think I should enable that feature, let me know by adding a comment to this journal entry. Thanks!

Liberty Bell 7

There’s a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science that just opened yesterday. It’s centered around the previously lost Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft. The capsule has been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for the past 35 years and they just recently brought it up. We’re going to check it out… Continue reading Liberty Bell 7


Yahoo! News – Tearful U.S. Taliban Lindh Jailed for 20 YearsThis fellow is going to have a fun time in American prison, I’m sure. The other inmates will just really love him.

Holy Smokes!

Wow, $28 billion dollars! How is this woman going to spend it all in her remaining few months/years?


I spent way too much time yesterday delving into blogs. And the result? A whole new SUV Backlash site. Check it out and compare it to the old site. Things I still need to do: – Register– Shop for someone to host the site under its own domain name – I’m pretty sure domain… Continue reading Untitled

I will kick your ass

This has got to be the best eBay auction I’ve ever seen: eBay item 1641798199 (Ends Sep-30-01 14:06:38 PDT ) – I will kick your ass.


Well, I seem to have this working now. I replaced my old journal, which I was maintaining in Microsoft FrontPage like the rest of my website. Now I’m using Blogger. If all goes well, I’ll probably upgrade to the Pro version. I’m also using Blogger to build a new, just to see how that… Continue reading Welcome

Advance Design of Kentucky

From the desk of Todd Bradley October 1, 2000 What you’re about to read is a true story about my experience with a company that I strongly recommend avoiding. They’re called Advanced Design of Kentucky and they sell PC components and systems. But before I get into the details of their incompetence, I’ll give you… Continue reading Advance Design of Kentucky

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