Sand Canyon

Cave dwelling

Getting There Brooke and I drove to Durango for a long Memorial Day Weekend. We left Thursday afternoon and got back to Denver Monday evening. We had a lot of fun on the way and on the way back, but had an especially big day on Saturday May 25, 2019. That was the day we… Continue reading Sand Canyon

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Green River, Part 3

(continued from Green River, Part 2) Sunday Sunday morning we got up, enjoyed an even bigger free breakfast at the Tamarisk Restaurant, checked out, and headed east to a place called Sego Canyon. This is another place in the area that I’d never been. There’s a ghost town up in a canyon somewhere, but my… Continue reading Green River, Part 3

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Green River, Part 2

(trust me, you really need to read Green River, Part 1 first) Friday We left Denver on Friday morning. Unfortunately, a million other people also wanted out of town for the long (Presidents’ Day) weekend, and traffic was the worst I can remember. It took about three hours just to get to Frisco, a distance… Continue reading Green River, Part 2

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Green River, Part 1

Ed and Me and Rivers and Dreams In my teens I first read Edward Abbey, a fiery naturalist who wrote many books about the American desert southwest. His most famous two books are probably “Desert Solitaire” and “The Monkey Wrench Gang”. The books made a perfect one-two punch, with the first helping to cement my… Continue reading Green River, Part 1

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easing back into “normal” life

Moving In The day after we arrived back in Denver, I rented a car from Enterprise, loaded up my meager belongings, and moved into my new temporary home. I’m staying with a friend in Lakewood, who has a big house and several housemates. One of the bedrooms in her place opened up about the time… Continue reading easing back into “normal” life

the journey home

Sam: “All right, we don’t have that much left. We have to be careful, or we’re goin’ to run out. You go ahead and eat that, Mister Frodo. I’ve rationed it. There should be enough.” Frodo: “For what?” Sam: “The journey home.” — Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Our last few days… Continue reading the journey home

The Grand Palace of Bangkok

Dateline: January 25, 2016 / Location: Bangkok The last tourist attraction we visited during our month in Bangkok was The Grand Palace. It’s probably one of the first places most tourists visit, and for us it was the last. Maybe that tells you something about our time in Bangkok overall. We put a lot higher priority… Continue reading The Grand Palace of Bangkok

Bangkok Folk Museum

You probably know how I’m interested in human geography, in particular how cities are born,  grow, and change over time. So I was psyched to learn that Bang Rak, the part of Bangkok where we’ve been staying, has its own little history museum. It was a bit confusing at first, because I found three different names… Continue reading Bangkok Folk Museum

exploring more of Bangkok, especially Bang Rak

I’m writing this on a rainy Sunday afternoon, our last Sunday in Bangkok. Thursday morning, we leave to return to America, so I’m feeling contemplative. A Very Good Decision I posted a blog article in late September about good and bad decisions we made in the early part of our trip. We’ve made lots of… Continue reading exploring more of Bangkok, especially Bang Rak

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