exploring more of Bangkok, especially Bang Rak

I’m writing this on a rainy Sunday afternoon, our last Sunday in Bangkok. Thursday morning, we leave to return to America, so I’m feeling contemplative. A Very Good Decision I posted a blog article in late September about good and bad decisions we made in the early part of our trip. We’ve made lots of… Continue reading exploring more of Bangkok, especially Bang Rak

Lumpini Park

One thing I just love about living in a city is the density of interesting things I encounter just by chance. I guess any city is like this, but a city that’s new to me obviously feels like it has more new stuff. And Bangkok is especially so. I think that’s because there are so many things… Continue reading Lumpini Park

how the city changes, and why I’d like to study it more

In Bangkok, I had a chance to do something I couldn’t do in any other city we visited in our Eastern Hemisphere travels – see how the city changed over time. When we settled back into the Pas Cher Hotel de Bangkok on January 19, it was my fourth stay there over the course of… Continue reading how the city changes, and why I’d like to study it more

Phuket, part 2

First, catch up on the first half of our trip to Phuket, Thailand here. The second “half” of the trip was just two days, and then we flew out on the third day. Birding Before Bond Tuesday January 12, we signed up for a private guided tour to James Bond Island and other stops in… Continue reading Phuket, part 2

Phuket, part 1

OK, first of all, Phuket is an island belonging to Thailand, and it’s pronounced “poo-KET”. Most English-speakers think of “ph” as being an “f” sound, but in Thai written using English characters it’s not. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. But “ph” is like “p”. So as you read this post, the little… Continue reading Phuket, part 1

culture shock, but not what you think

After spending a full month in India, coming to Thailand has been a culture shock. This is actually my third time in Bangkok. It feels really, really weird to say that, but it’s true. Six months ago, I’d never set foot in Asia and now I’ve been to Bangkok three times. Admittedly all three of… Continue reading culture shock, but not what you think

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