I spent way too much time yesterday delving into blogs. And the result? A whole new SUV Backlash site. Check it out and compare it to the old site. Things I still need to do:

– Register
– Shop for someone to host the site under its own domain name – I’m pretty sure domain hosting prices have come down since I went shopping last
– Start publicizing
– Do a massive updating of content, including all the links and articles I’ve been saving for so long
– Flesh out the separate page that shows the history of the SUV backlash
– Fill out the rest of the main page and then reorganize what little navigation there is on that site
– Accept donations, just in case it takes off big time


I will kick your ass

This has got to be the best eBay auction I’ve ever seen:
eBay item 1641798199 (Ends Sep-30-01 14:06:38 PDT ) – I will kick your ass.



Well, I seem to have this working now. I replaced my old journal, which I was maintaining in Microsoft FrontPage like the rest of my website. Now I’m using Blogger. If all goes well, I’ll probably upgrade to the Pro version.

I’m also using Blogger to build a new, just to see how that goes.