Denver dining adventures

Can you believe that Beth has never been to Casa Bonita?  I didn’t realize it until that little secret came out in conversation recently.  We were on Colfax, as far west as she’s ever been.  She turned to me, pointed to the mountains, and asked, “What’s down that way?”  “Not much.  Casa Bonita, and then eventually Golden.”

So we need to plan an excursion to Casa Bonita.  Anyone interested in joining us?  Bad enchiladas, unlimited sopaipillas, and Black Bart!

Another place we’ve never been is White Fence Farm.  I just learned last week that one of the actresses in Kung Fu Sushi Chefs is a long time waitress there.  After reading Jason Sheehan’s review of the place a few weeks ago, I’d sure like to go get what is apparently widely considered the best fried chicken in Denver.  Read his review and tell me you don’t want some fried chicken at the earliest opportunity!

3 thoughts on “Denver dining adventures”

  1. I learned that Casa Bonita is now “all you can eat” on all their meals. So if you can actually stand more than one plate of their enchiladas, you can have a second plate.

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