Friday night bachelor meal

Beth’s still in Kansas City, dealing with issues related to her father.  So I’m home alone for another weekend.  Tonight, after getting home I decided I wasn’t in the mood to go out for dinner by myself.  But we didn’t have any leftovers or easy-to-prepare meals.  So it turned out to be another bachelor meal.

Somehow, I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  And I haven’t been eating significantly more vegetables and less meat, as I know I should.  Instead, I think maybe I’ve just been eating less.  And maybe exercising a little more.  But it’s also possible I’ve dropped a few pounds simple by eating less because I’ve been making such crappy meals at home.  Here’s how tonight’s kitchen adventure went.

Hmm, what do we have in the kitchen?  Not much.  How about some frozen lima beans?  OK.  What else?  Here’s some frozen corn with a “Best by” date of October 2008.  I’ll throw some of that in.  How about these four floppy and stale carrots?  I’ll cut them up and toss them in.  Oh, and I need something spicy.  Here’s the remains of a red bell pepper I left on the counter a night or two ago.  And here’s one of only two chiles that grew this year on the chile bush in the garden.  Hmm, still needs a little more.  Well, I need to use up this jar of green chile, so I’ll pour some of that in.  Heat for a while.  Then it’s ready to eat.  Lima beans, corn, chiles, and pepper.  I’m sure there’s some name for this, but I can’t think of what.

What else would make this a real meal?  Well, I don’t have any meat, except for this really old bacon.  Toss out the two pieces that have turned blue, and fry the rest.  Meat?  Check!  And there are these two slices of rye bread that were frozen for months and then thawed and put in the fridge for another three weeks.  I’ll toast those up, with some margarine and jam.

Put it all on a plate.  Add a glass of water.  And flip on “The I.T. Crowd.”  It’s the next best thing to dinner and a movie!  🙂

Total cost?  Hmm, not sure, maybe about a dollar.

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