New Biscuits at the Denver Biscuit Company

OK, this isn’t exactly news anymore, but on November 6 the Denver Biscuit Company rolled out two new biscuit meals for winter.  One is a shrimp and grits biscuit.  The other is pulled pork.  As you can guess, I was excited about both of them, so I visited the first Saturday morning they offered them.  Here were my thoughts.

Shrimp & Grits

The shrimp & grits were served, as you might imagine (but I didn’t), on a biscuit.  But they don’t need to be.  It would have been better without the biscuit, actually.  The sauce the shrimp came in plus the grits just made the biscuit soggy.

The shrimp had a great texture, though, and were very tasty.  They were small, but not too small.  The dish was nicely seasoned.  It was spicy, but after finishing the meal I decided it was just the right heat.  And I already knew the grits at DBC are good; so that part wasn’t a surprise.  Cooked in with the shrimp and grits were small pieces of pancetta.  Yum.

I’d rate this meal a 8/10, or 10/10 if you took away the biscuit and just served the shrimp and grits.

Pulled Pork

This biscuit is called The Elmer, maybe for Elmer Fudd.  It had pulled pork in a barbecue sauce.  The sauce was sweet, but not too sweet.  And when assembled as a sandwich, it was just too big.  I  had to cut it in two to eat it.

Also on the sandwich were homemade pickles and red cabbage cole slaw.  The slaw was very crispy.  But the biscuit was just too crumbly to hold together this big of a sandwich.  I had to finish it with a fork.

As I chewed and thought, I realized that everything is sweet in this sandwich – the BBQ sauce, the slaw, and the pickles.  It would be better with dill pickles instead of sweet pickles.  And adding some more vinegar to the slaw would give it some zing that it lacked.

I’d rate this meal a 6/10.  I love pulled pork, but it was just too predominantly sweet in this sandwich.  The dish deserves a better balance of tastes.

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