Pudge Bros. Pizza

Yesterday, I had a few friends over.  I didn’t feel like cooking for them, and wasn’t too excited about the usual fast-food or carry-out options.  So we settled on ordering some pizza for delivery.  I’d just gotten a flier from Pudge Bros. Pizza, so we decided to give it a try.

We ordered two pizzas, a 14″ Hawaiian and a 14″ with half sausage and half pepperoni.  Delivery was reasonably prompt and courteous, but the pizza was unanimously blah.  Of the four of us, nobody was really excited about the two pizzas we got.  The crust was just so-so at best.  The cheese was pretty sparse.  And the toppings tasted like they were made by the lowest bidder, which is probably true.  In fact, I think the pepperoni was the blandest I’ve ever had.  I think they left out the “pepper” and just gave us the “oni” whatever that means.  I was hoping their “original zesty” sauce would liven things up, but it didn’t.

So, I told my friends that if I’m in the mood for pizza ever again in the future, don’t let me order from Pudge Bros. Pizza.  It’s tough to get a great pizza by delivery out here in the suburbs, but I think I’d rather just get something from the Taco Bell drive-through than eat this stuff again.

Pudge Bros. Pizza  (“Home of the Monster”)
1070 E 10th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80020


  1. Unbelievable! I just attempted to place an order, and the OWNER hung up on me three times in a row. The problem….I tried to give my name when he asked for the phone number for the delivery. When I told him, I was just trying to give you my name and you cut me off, he hung up. I couldn’t believe it. I called right back and asked him if he just hung up on me and he said “yes.” I asked him why and he said that the conversation was going nowhere. Just so you know, I am a 47-year old resident of Broomfied, who happens to order pizza from time-to-time. This would have been my first order with Pudge Bros., and probably not my last, but the OWNER blew it. I will be telling my friends in addition to the Better Business Bureau (who he said, “go ahead, tell whoever you like” real sarcastically) how terribly I was treated. Do not order from this place! The owner should remember, the customer is ALWAYS right.

    1. As much as I’m a consumer advocate, I don’t believe “the customer is always right.” I’ve dealt with enough customers in my day – and met enough crazies – to know that some customers are just wrong. But I just don’t understand why he’d hang up on you for giving him your name. “This conversation is leading nowhere” is a really weird thing for any business owner to say. Hopefully the conversation is leading to a sale of his product!

      Oh well, thanks for posting your experience here. And look on the bright side: Unless their pizza has really improved a lot, the owner just saved you from ordering what may be the most bland pizza in town.

  2. I was a good customer for some time. Not because the pizza is anything special but because the delivery was prompt with a good attitude. One day, when I returned home form work there was a pudge bros. advertisement taped on my door – on top of the sign that says, ‘please don’t leave flyers’. The third time this happened, I called the shop and explained to the owner that I was a good customer, but would he please see to it that no more flyers were taped to my house. The asshat started screaming at me and really losing control. I asked him if he wanted to lose my business and he screamed, ‘I don’t want your business!’, promptly hanging up.

    This guy (as confirmed above) is a hot head with no self control. He shouldn’t be expecting any good business and I’m sure his lousy attitude will make his business fail.
    I recommend staying away from Pudgey.

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