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I’ve been working some extra hours nights and weekends for a friend of mine who needs some help at his startup company. I submitted my first invoice to them last week and decided to celebrate by spending my check in advance. I bought a new bike!

It’s a 2008 Trek Soho 1.0. To celebrate Earth Day, and because I got so fed up with RTD yesterday, I rode it to work today. This bike is noticeably faster than my other commuting bike. So I’m sure once I really try, I’ll blow away my ride-to-work speed record which I set last summer.

Note: The above photo is not me. That’s a model, posing by his trendy bike with his latte. I don’t look nearly as cool. But you can read more about the bike here:

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  1. I bought the Soho S last month. I can’t tell you how comfortable that bike is. I go out every afternoon for a 2 hour ride and never feel an ounce of fatigue. It’s smooth, responsive and fast (I did change the gearing so I can move about quicker).

    I really enjoy its geometry; for the first time I’m on a bike that keeps my head high enough so I’m not looking at the ground the entire time.

    I hope you enjoy your 1.0. May the wind always be at your back.

  2. After designing my new bike in my head, I went out to the Trek Web site and discovered “urban bikes.” After some research, I elected to get this one (versus the 3.0) and will be taking delivery of it soon-ish.

    Now that you’ve had it about a month, I’m curious about your additional impressions… all the reviews I’ve read of this bike are fairly early in the person’s time with the bike.


    (I’m transitioning to this bike from an aluminum mountain bike with front shocks, btw, in preparation for also losing enough weight to return to my somewhat-harsh aluminum road bike.)

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