La Casita de Durango

UPDATED 8/7/2010: La Casita has moved since I wrote this review.  I have updated the address below.  Their menu is still mostly the same, but they are now in a larger space formerly occupied by Lucky Four Cafe, behind Target.  It’s a very popular place for breakfast now, it seems.


I don’t know what’s taken me so long to write something about this little gem of a Mexican restaurant.  It’s located in the strip mall across the street from Target – the same one that has the Big Dog Deli, the former Hot Shotz wings place, and the future new Indian restaurant.  I’ve gone to La Casita probably half a dozen times over the past few years.  I’m not sure what changed, but the food this past time was noticeably better than before.

It’s a family owned business, open every day except  Monday.  They offer delivery and take out in addition to table service.  Their menu says, “The Castro Family is proud to serve our customers authentic food that we prepare just like we do back in Mexico.”  I didn’t realize they’re open for breakfast, but now that I know I want to try their chilaquiles.

Last time I went, I had a torta, which was the lunch special of the day.  It was a very tasty sandwich on a perfectly toasted sub roll.  I also had a side dish of guacamole; it was tasty, but too much for a single person to eat.  It was especially too much given that the torta had guacamole spread on the bread.

The previous time I went, I had the carnitas platter.  It’s your basic carnitas, rice, beans, and tortillas.  The meat isn’t very spicy, and my only complaint was that they didn’t offer any salsas to round it out.  For $7.50, the price seems right.  Dinner prices and lunch prices are the same, since you get the same thing.

In addition to the 22 “Lunch & Dinner Plates” they also offer a variety of burritos in lots of combinations – supreme, veggie smothered, pork smothered, etc.  And they have 8 kinds of tacos: pollo, carnitas, barbacoa, buche, asada, al pastor, lengua, and tripas.

I’d also like to try some things from their “Specialty Items” menu, such as their queso fundido, a guacamole tostada, and maybe their sopes.

I can’t speak for how their delivery service is since I haven’t used it, but they say they have free deliver with a $15 minimum order, and a delivery radius of 5 miles.

Hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 8am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 8am to 10pm
Sunday: 8am to 7pm

La Casita de Durango
145 Nickel St
Broomfield, CO 80020

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