Habanero’s is a little Mexican quick service restaurant now located where Tacqueria mi Barrio and Tacqueria Tamayo used to be.  I’ve been there 3 or 4 times now, and have enjoyed it every time. They have a larger staff than before.  Although the main cook who used to work at the previous two places is… Continue reading Habanero’s

Little Anita’s

Todd’s briefest restaurant review so far: Little Anita’s now has a store in Broomfield, where the Burger King near Miramonte and 287 used to be.  It’s a chain of New Mexican restaurants.  I like the food, and they serve Mexican Coke.  I don’t like that they switched to full service.  For a place like this,… Continue reading Little Anita’s

Corona’s Mexican Grill

There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town, on 136th.  It’s Corona’s.  I went there for lunch recently with some coworkers and tried a few things.  But I haven’t been back, so this review is going to be a bit short. First, they have a website, though it’s still under construction as I’m writing this. They… Continue reading Corona’s Mexican Grill

Chico’s Mexican Food

Can you believe there’s a Mexican restaurant in Broomfield that I haven’t reviewed?  There is, and it’s called Chico’s Mexican Food.  I’d seen the place for years, but I always thought that side of the street was considered Westminster.  But it’s Broomfield. So I went in recently with a coworker for some lunch, and was… Continue reading Chico’s Mexican Food

La Casita de Durango

UPDATED 8/7/2010: La Casita has moved since I wrote this review.  I have updated the address below.  Their menu is still mostly the same, but they are now in a larger space formerly occupied by Lucky Four Cafe, behind Target.  It’s a very popular place for breakfast now, it seems. —- I don’t know what’s… Continue reading La Casita de Durango

Taqueria el Fogoncito (Longmont)

I finally got a chance to try this taqueria in north Longmont. I’d seen it months ago, while driving through town, but didn’t stop. It’s not fancy, by any means, but what real taqueria is? It’s basically a fast food joint, with a couple dozen plastic booths filled with Mexican families. The menu is all… Continue reading Taqueria el Fogoncito (Longmont)

Taqueria mi Barrio

Update August 7, 2010: A few months ago, this restaurant closed down for remodeling and reopened as Habanero’s. Update February 24, 2008: The name of this restaurant has changed.  It used to be “Tacos Tamayo” and is now called “Taqueria mi Barrio”.  The cook and menu are still the same. —- I was in the… Continue reading Taqueria mi Barrio

3 Margaritas

Even though I really like eating at tiny “hole-in-the-wall” type Mexican restaurants, I think my favorite Mexican joint in Broomfield is 3 Margaritas. I’ve been there twice in the past couple weeks, and probably eight or ten times before that. On the last visit, I went with my wife and my mother. They both ordered… Continue reading 3 Margaritas

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