Buenos Tiempos

My wife and I live very close to this restaurant, which is why I wish I liked it more. Buenos Tiempos is an old time Broomfield tradition, a Mexican restaurant that existed long before we moved here and therefore longer than any other Mexican restaurant I know. Their menu is a mix of “Mexican” food and American food. They’ve got the usual Mexican restaurant combos with burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and so on. And they also have hamburgers and french fries, and stuff like that. The joint seems to be about 50/50 bar and restaurant. Sometimes when I go in the bar is very busy and the restaurant is quiet, and other times it’s just the opposite. I think the prices are good, but the food is only so-so most of the time.

If you’re willing to go with one of the combination platters, you can get 2 or 3 items, plus beans, rice, chips, salsa, and a salad all for $8 to $10. But most of the fare is uninspired. I have had two dishes that were surprisingly good. The first is on the menu all the time, and it’s the tilapia. When I had it about a month ago, I had low expectations but I was really in the mood for fish. It was really good – way different than the usual cheese smothered combo plates. I’d definitely have it again, and it is also surprisingly inexpensive. Also, Buenos Tiempos occasionally has really good dinner specials. I had carnitas there one time that I really liked a lot.

The wait staff is always friendly, though sometimes I wonder if the restaurant is a training ground for other restaurants or something. I hardly ever see the same waitress there twice, so I’m guessing they have moderate turnover.

I do have to say I really like their salsa, which they serve with a warm basket of chips before each meal. It’s very flavorful. Not sure if it’s made there or not, but I like it. Also, they have a variety of margaritas covering all price ranges. The house marg is OK and very inexpensive, while they also have some fancier ones made with top shelf ingredients in the $8 or $9 range.

Buenos Tiempos
1000 Depot Hill Rd # I
Broomfield, CO
(303) 466-6386

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