3 Margaritas

Even though I really like eating at tiny “hole-in-the-wall” type Mexican restaurants, I think my favorite Mexican joint in Broomfield is 3 Margaritas. I’ve been there twice in the past couple weeks, and probably eight or ten times before that.

On the last visit, I went with my wife and my mother. They both ordered full size entrees, and so I decided to just get a bowl of soup and help my guests with their meals. I’ve learned from other trips that the portions at 3 Margaritas are just huge, and I figured neither Mom nor Beth could finish their meals. Well, not having tried it before, I ordered the caldo de pollo. I assumed it would be a reasonably sized bowl of chicken soup, but it was a huge bowl big enough to serve several people. I think we got three servings out of that one – I ate as much as I could the night we went there, and then Beth and I both had leftovers from it a couple days later. But it was very tasty. I don’t know exactly what caldo de pollo means, but when I saw the bowl they brought it in, I figured it must mean “cauldron of chicken”. It’s got yummy chicken broth; pieces of what must add up to about half a chicken; big chunks of potato, carrots, and other veggies; and a whole plate of extra goodies you can throw in, including cilantro, rice, and avocado.

One other meal of note is the pollo con crema. It comes on a huge plate and is big enough to serve probably 2 to 4 normal people. It’s tasty chunks of chicken cooked with a mildly spicy cream sauce. I’m sure it’s thousands of calories, but very tasty. Beth ordered that one a couple visits ago, and after she ate all she could, I had two more meals of leftovers from it.

Two things I highly recommend from the lunch menu are the mushroom burrito and the salads. They have a separate salad menu now with four different meal-sized salads. I had the one with fish one time and really like it. I’ve never had great green salads in Mexico, but the one I had from 3 Margaritas was good. And another time I had the mushroom (champinion) burrito. If you want a vegetarian option for lunch, this is a great choice. It’s a burrito filled with big chunks of well flavored mushrooms and vegetables.

So I guess my opinion of 3 Margaritas in Broomfield is that they have good food and large portions. Everything I’ve ordered has been above average to great, and it’s my top choice for Mexican food in town.

3 Margaritas
6896 W 120th Ave
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 410-8705

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