Corona’s Mexican Grill

There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town, on 136th.  It’s Corona’s.  I went there for lunch recently with some coworkers and tried a few things.  But I haven’t been back, so this review is going to be a bit short.

First, they have a website, though it’s still under construction as I’m writing this.

They don’t have a special lunch menu, but their menu does list 9 different types of chile (which they spell as “chili”) on the back.  They’ve got hot, medium, and mild green “chili”.  And then they’ve got salsa verde, pico de gallo, salsa especial, chile colorado (which I’d call enchilada sauce), and salsa roja (which they serve with chips).

I was also pleased to see they have horchata and jamaica on the menu, so I ordered a glass of jamaica.  But it was so incredibly sweet – sweeter by far than any jamaica I’ve had in Mexico or the US – that I couldn’t stand to drink it.  So I traded it in for a glass of horchata, which was just fine.

To eat, I ordered a half size torta with carnitas, plus a bowl of medium green chile (excuse me, I should say “chili”).  The torta was pretty good, though I think I like them more without lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.  If it were up to me, I think I’d just put guacamole and sliced pickled jalapenos and meat on the sandwich, possibly with a thin layer of mayo.  The medium chile was tasty, but too spicy for me to eat as a soup.  If I get it again, I’ll order the mild for sure.

Service overall was so-so, I guess.  We sat outside because the weather was nice, so I can’t speak to the ambiance inside the restaurant.  But I sure appreciated the al fresco dining option.  And I thought the prices were a little high; the bowl of chile was $5.65, and the horchata was $2.65, with regular Coke type drinks selling for $2.25.

I’d go back, but next time I want to try something that may be more in their sweet spot, like the carne asada plate.

Corona’s Mexican Grill
2255 West 136th Ave. Suite 172
Broomfield, CO 80023

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  1. I’ve been back to Corona’s several times since I wrote this. The place is still good. And they have some big tables suitable for seating a group. My boss loves the huevos rancheros there. I haven’t tried the jamaica or horchata again, but have had a few other things and none of it’s been bad.

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