Chico’s Mexican Food

Can you believe there’s a Mexican restaurant in Broomfield that I haven’t reviewed?  There is, and it’s called Chico’s Mexican Food.  I’d seen the place for years, but I always thought that side of the street was considered Westminster.  But it’s Broomfield.

So I went in recently with a coworker for some lunch, and was served by none other than Chico himself.  He founded the restaurant over 20 years ago.  I don’t know if it’s always been in this location, but it’s currently near the corner of 128th (which is also Midway) and Lowell, right next to the 7-Eleven store.

Chico’s is a small, unpretentious place.  I think he has only about 4 tables in the whole place.  When we came to the counter to order, the proprietor encouraged us to put something on the one table that was free, so someone else wouldn’t take it.  Also there were a few regulars, a couple kids on summer break, and a pinball machine.

One of the regulars was hassling Chico about the green chile not being hot enough.  Chico turned back to the window leading to the kitchen and yelled, “Hey Ma, Mike says the chile’s not hot enough.”  And then Chico told the guy (Mike, I guess) that he only gave him half mild and half hot because he didn’t think he could handle the hot.  After this back-and-forth, you can imagine I had to order the hot.  Specifically, I ordered the “Tamale Plate” with hot green chile on top.  I think I said “tamales plate” since I couldn’t figure out if the overhead menu meant “tamal plate” (in which case I’d get one) or the “tamales plate” (in which case I’d get more than one).  I wanted more than one, so I said “tamales.”  Anyhow, Chico snorted and gave me the “tamale plate” which is really just one tamal plus rice and beans and chile.  Not wanting to get into a Mexican grammar argument with a Mexican-American, I just shut up and ate.

The chile was indeed pretty darn spicy.  So I don’t know what Mike was complaining about.  Any hotter and it would’ve interfered with the flavor of the dish.  The beans were also very tasty, thanks to the generous addition of lard in the kitchen.

Speaking of which, my coworker wanted a vegetarian burrito, but Chico pointed out that “everything” is cooked with lard and the only vegetarian item on the menu is the quesadilla.  So, in the end, said coworker ordered his egg and potato burrito anyhow, but with red chile (which doesn’t have chunks of pork like the green).  Not really vegetarian, but the closest thing you can reasonably get, I guess.

The tamale plate didn’t fill me quite up, and I wanted to try their guacamole, so I ordered a guacamole tostada.  I wasn’t very impressed with the guac, and the tostada seemed like it came out of a box instead of being homemade.  Chico said they make their own guacamole there, but from the taste of it, I wasn’t convinced it was fresh.  So that was a bit of a bust.

The day I was there, just about everyone was ordering the Mexican hamburger.  So on my next trip, that’s what I’m going to try.

Finally, I should point out the prices are very reasonable.  The tamale plate was $4.35 and the guacamole tostada was $2.20.  A deluxe burrito with bean and beef is only $3.85.  The menu also lists a “Family Pack” which is 5 bean & cheese burritos, 5 beef tacos, and 5 bean tostadas for $21.99.

Chico’s Mexican Food
12920 Lowell Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80020

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