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Once upon a time, there was a musical group called 404 Not Found. It started in 1996 as my project to make unusual electronic music for my friends and other people who were into that sort of thing. I met a few people online with similar tastes and we collaborates. It eventually morphed stylistically into a more traditional “band” with a set group of musicians performing poetry and spoken word pieces set to simple but occasionally strange rock music. Our last performance was April 1, 2004.  Over those 8 years, we recorded 6 full length CDs.

Even now, 5 years later, I occasionally get small royalty checks from one of the people who sell our music online. And I also recently got an email from my website hosting service saying my account now has unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

So I decided to just upload the 404 Not Found CDs so people can download them for free! All tracks are in 160 Mbps MP3 format. You can either download individual tracks or a ZIP file containing all tracks from a given CD.

The CDs I uploaded are: Something Is Wrong (1997), In the Beginning (1998), Eclectronic (1999), Nightmare Lullaby (2002), Warts and All (2002), and our grand finale Paper Cuts (2004).

If you already own one of the limited edition physical CDs, treasure it!  Otherwise, if you just want to hear some of our music to see what it was like, click here to browse the selections.  You can find more information about the band on our website.

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  1. I just listened to My Penis on Planet X. I’d forgotten how good your playing and Scott’s poetry sounded together. Thanks for uploading everything!

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