Taru Sushi & Grill

Beth and I have visited Taru Sushi & Grill twice now, once for supper and once for lunch.  I wish I could say this restaurant was in Broomfield, but alas it’s in Westminster. The original Taru was in Orlando, but they’ve either moved or expanded to Westminster.  The menu is extensive.  In addition to the… Continue reading Taru Sushi & Grill

it’s hard to find Sunday brunch in Lafayette

Oh woe!  Lafayette, Colorado has a lot of great dining options, and possibly more variety than Broomfield.  But there’s a dearth of restaurants serving Sunday brunch, it seems. Beth and I set out this morning around 11:00 to try to find brunch in Lafayette.  We knew Casa Alvarez had what used to be a well-known… Continue reading it’s hard to find Sunday brunch in Lafayette

Cracovia Polish-American Grill

Today I had lunch at Cracovia Polish-American Grill.  At least I think that’s the name.  I’m still not totally sure what the exact name of this restaurant is.  The menu says “Cracovia – Your Family Restaurant – A Taste of Poland.”  When I arrived, about 12:30, there were three other groups of people there.  Two… Continue reading Cracovia Polish-American Grill

Taqueria el Fogoncito (Longmont)

I finally got a chance to try this taqueria in north Longmont. I’d seen it months ago, while driving through town, but didn’t stop. It’s not fancy, by any means, but what real taqueria is? It’s basically a fast food joint, with a couple dozen plastic booths filled with Mexican families. The menu is all… Continue reading Taqueria el Fogoncito (Longmont)

Mumtaz Mediterranean Food (Lafayette)

I finally got a chance to eat lunch at Mumtaz, the Mediterranean restaurant in Lafayette.  I’d seen a sign on the side of Highway 287 several months ago, but I guess I just don’t get to Lafayette very often around meal time.  And actually, I was planning to drive up to Longmont to try out… Continue reading Mumtaz Mediterranean Food (Lafayette)

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