Taru Sushi & Grill

Beth and I have visited Taru Sushi & Grill twice now, once for supper and once for lunch.  I wish I could say this restaurant was in Broomfield, but alas it’s in Westminster.

The original Taru was in Orlando, but they’ve either moved or expanded to Westminster.  The menu is extensive.  In addition to the usual sushi restaurant stuff, they’ve got more sushi rolls and other Japanese items.  The thing that caught my eye when we went in the first time was that they have tonkatsu.

On the first trip, we stuck with sushi and ordered onion soup, two house salads, the Lady Roll, inari sushi (tofu), sake sushi (salmon), and an asparagus & avocado roll.  The waiter was a little clueless, but the food was good.  Also, we had a coupon for free sake, so we had to try that out, of course.  It was hot and tasty.

The restaurant was pretty crowded for dinner.  I’d guess it was about 80% full.  The soup and salad were tasty, but probably not at all authentic.  The Lady Roll was really good, but I can’t remember what was in it!  The veggie roll was pretty plain, just as it was described in the menu.  The salmon was way good!  I asked Beth how she liked the inari, and she just said “It was OK.”

The manager came by to check on us, and recommended that next time we should try some of the other rolls.  She particularly likes the Mango Tango roll.

On our second trip, Beth and I went for lunch.  Beth just had the Lady Roll again, but I went for a bento box.  Beth liked the Lady Roll again, but the bento box was a real feast and a treat.  It had tonkatsu, a little California roll (which unfortunately was made with krab instead of crab), soup (I opted for the onion soup again), some white rice, a couple pieces of deep fried shumai (I didn’t care for that), and a couple of gyoza.  All that was only about $11!

I’ll definitely go back, if for the bento box lunch if nothing else.  Even though a good friend of ours is a sushi chef at a restaurant in Lafayette, Taru is a lot closer to home and has a wider variety of items on the menu.

Taru Sushi & Grill
4880 West 120th Avenue #200
Westminster, CO 80020


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  1. Tonight they called 48 minutes AFTER we placed our delivery order to let us know they we too busy to deliver our order. Could we come pick it up?? no?? why not?? … I mean, really. The sad part is I really love the food at this place. The two stars is because there are SO many similar place in the area that can actually complete a delivery order and are happy to do so. This is the second time we’ve called for delivery and they’ve not been able to. Take your chances.

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