Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine

There are a lot of restaurants popping up with this pan-Asian theme.  The menus all seem to be pretty similar, offering dishes from Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and sometimes Korea.  Ooka is Broomfield’s latest.  They’ve got pan-Asian down, but also have a respectable sushi bar. Ooka is located in front of Safeway, in the old… Continue reading Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine

Taru Sushi & Grill

Beth and I have visited Taru Sushi & Grill twice now, once for supper and once for lunch.  I wish I could say this restaurant was in Broomfield, but alas it’s in Westminster. The original Taru was in Orlando, but they’ve either moved or expanded to Westminster.  The menu is extensive.  In addition to the… Continue reading Taru Sushi & Grill

Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace is Broomfield’s newest Indian restaurant.  A few weeks ago, it took over the empty location where Buddha Indian Cuisine once stood, next door to La Casita de Durango and across Nickel Street from Target. I’ve eaten at Bombay Palace three times now, twice for lunch and once for supper.  Their lunch buffet is… Continue reading Bombay Palace

New Port (was Heaven Star)

Note: I wrote the review below on February 1, 2009.  However, when I drove by the restaurant on February 15, 2010, I noticed they had changed their sign.  It is now called “New Port” instead of “Heaven Star.” My wife Beth and I visited the long-awaited Heaven Star twice in their first week.  Though things… Continue reading New Port (was Heaven Star)

Heaven Star Seafood Dim Sum Coming Soon

The Armadillo Mexican restaurant in Broomfield went out of business a few months back.  H.K. is a Chinese guy I work with, and he’s from Hong Kong, the world center of dim sum.  He told me he heard that a dim sum restaurant was moving in there, and I was so excited! You see, ever… Continue reading Heaven Star Seafood Dim Sum Coming Soon

Buddha Indian Cuisine

Update: As of December 2008, it looks like Buddha Indian Cuisine has gone out of business.  They didn’t even last 6 months.  So sad. —- Broomfield has its first Indian restaurant!  Hurray!  Beth and I had to try it last week on opening night, of course.  She’s the one who first introduced me to Indian… Continue reading Buddha Indian Cuisine


Taigun is my favorite sushi bar in Broomfield. That’s not saying too much, I suppose, since we’ve only got maybe four places in the whole city to get sushi. But hey, being first out of four is sure better than being last out of four! Taigun is located near the FlatIron shopping mall, not far… Continue reading Taigun

Pho Galore

A couple years ago, when the three pho restaurants opened all within a block of each other, I thought, “What were these people thinking? This can’t last. Broomfield’s never even had one Vietnamese restaurant, and suddenly we have three! I’m sure one will win out over the others and the other two will be out… Continue reading Pho Galore

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