Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine

There are a lot of restaurants popping up with this pan-Asian theme.  The menus all seem to be pretty similar, offering dishes from Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and sometimes Korea.  Ooka is Broomfield’s latest.  They’ve got pan-Asian down, but also have a respectable sushi bar.

Ooka is located in front of Safeway, in the old Boston Market location.  Beth and I have been there twice now and enjoyed it both times.  And both times we got sushi, which was good.  I was hoping on the second trip to find tonkatsu, but they don’t have it.

The main Broomfield area (not counting the FlatIron Crossing area) now has several restaurants that serve essentially the same menu, this “pan-Asian” thing:  Ooka, Zen, Zo, and Spring Thai.  I can hardly tell them apart, and I can’t see how they can all stay in business doing the same thing with roughly the same quality.  But I said that about our three pho restaurants and they’re still open, years later.

Do you have a favorite?  Leave me a comment.

Ooka Sushi & Asian Cuisine
6485 W. 120th Ave
Broomfield, CO 80020

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