Little Anita’s

Todd’s briefest restaurant review so far: Little Anita’s now has a store in Broomfield, where the Burger King near Miramonte and 287 used to be.  It’s a chain of New Mexican restaurants.  I like the food, and they serve Mexican Coke.  I don’t like that they switched to full service.  For a place like this, I’d prefer to just order at a counter and save the tip.

Best item: huevos rancheros

Worst item: carnitas

1080 US 287
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 465-3011


  1. I’m cheered by the demise of a Burger King but dismayed that it was replaced by another chain restaurant — even if far smaller and more regional than BK.

  2. By the way, Little Anitas died a while back. The space has been vacant for a few months now. I guess it’s just a bad location for a restaurant.

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