Little Anita’s

Todd’s briefest restaurant review so far: Little Anita’s now has a store in Broomfield, where the Burger King near Miramonte and 287 used to be.  It’s a chain of New Mexican restaurants.  I like the food, and they serve Mexican Coke.  I don’t like that they switched to full service.  For a place like this,… Continue reading Little Anita’s

Buddha Indian Cuisine

Update: As of December 2008, it looks like Buddha Indian Cuisine has gone out of business.  They didn’t even last 6 months.  So sad. —- Broomfield has its first Indian restaurant!  Hurray!  Beth and I had to try it last week on opening night, of course.  She’s the one who first introduced me to Indian… Continue reading Buddha Indian Cuisine

Bright -N- Early Breakfast

Broomfield’s newest breakfast restaurant is “Bright -N- Early Breakfast” which just opened last week.  I went in for breaakfast on a snowy spring morning, and was the only patron.  The owner, Vince, said it’s been a bit of a slow start so far since he hasn’t done any real advertising yet; it’s just word-of-mouth.  Bright… Continue reading Bright -N- Early Breakfast

Taqueria mi Barrio

Update August 7, 2010: A few months ago, this restaurant closed down for remodeling and reopened as Habanero’s. Update February 24, 2008: The name of this restaurant has changed.  It used to be “Tacos Tamayo” and is now called “Taqueria mi Barrio”.  The cook and menu are still the same. —- I was in the… Continue reading Taqueria mi Barrio

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