Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace is Broomfield’s newest Indian restaurant.  A few weeks ago, it took over the empty location where Buddha Indian Cuisine once stood, next door to La Casita de Durango and across Nickel Street from Target.

I’ve eaten at Bombay Palace three times now, twice for lunch and once for supper.  Their lunch buffet is above average, I’d say.  In addition to the usual Indian lunch buffet favorites (tandoori chicken, etc.) they have some more interesting dishes I don’t see very often, like noodles and mango custard and eggplant.

Last week, Beth and I went to Bombay Palace for supper for the first time, and we both enjoyed it.  We had rice and papadums and naan, of course.  The naan was sub-par, for some reason.  It just wasn’t fluffy or crispy enough.  For our entrees, we ordered Bombay Special Chicken and Bindi Masala.  We asked for both to be prepared medium spicy, but I thought they were both very mild.  So I’m not sure if their spicy scale is just miscalibrated, or if the cook misread “medium” to be “mild” or something.

Notice I said “cook.”  I’m pretty sure there was only one person working in the kitchen, with the waitress occasionally going back there to help out.  It took quite a while for our food to come out – long enough for Beth to start getting very impatient.  But once the food arrived, it was good.  The Bombay Special Chicken, though mild, was very good.  It was marinated chicken cooked in the tandoori oven, and then served with an orange colored cream sauce on the side.  The sauce was super yummy, and the flavors mixed really well.  Bindi Masala is okra, sauteed with onion, ginger, tomato, and spices.  We couldn’t finish it all, so I brought the rest home.  I liked it, but wished it had been prepared spicier.

So, my overall impressions of the place: better food than the other Broomfield Indian restaurant, needs more spice, supper took too long to cook.  I’ll definitely go back for lunch sometime, and maybe for supper again.  Our server also said they’re going to start having a dinner buffet on the weekend starting in a few weeks.  I’d like to try that and see how it is.

300 Nickel Street
Broomfield, CO 80020

Oh, and they have a website:


  1. I have been to Bombay Palace with my friends.It was great.We all loved the food there.The food is excellent and the waitress was really nice.We will keep going there.

  2. The Best Indian Restaurant in Broomfield.Yummy food.My kids loved chicken Tikka Masala there.

  3. Hi Todd,Jenny and I are sisters.We both have been to Bombay Palace.I really had a great time with my friends.The food was tasty and service was great.This is the restaurant I would go back.Best Indian food I’ve ever had.Cheers

  4. It’s quite a strange coincidence that sisters “Jenny” and “Susan” both have the same writing style. For instance, they both consistently omit the space after the period at the end of a sentence. They also posted both these comments from the same computer, only two minutes apart. Aren’t sisters great?

  5. Beth and I tried the dinner buffet Friday night, and we weren’t impressed. It seems like the same food as for lunch. In fact, it may have been actually the same food as for lunch! Some of the things had been sitting out for way too long.

    Since they charge a few dollars more for the dinner buffet, I was hoping to find that they’d offer items that the lunch buffet doesn’t have. But that wasn’t the case. Next time we’ll just order from the menu.

  6. My wife and I ate there this Sunday (12/27/2009) and the buffet table was pretty empty and lacking.

    The worst came when we were at the table and a baby cockroach came crawling down the wall, we decided to overlook it. 5 minutes later the BIG MOMMA cockroach came crawling down the wall, we dropped the forks, jumped up, paid and left.

    I will be filing a complaint with the Board of Health this morning.


  7. There are better restaurants in Denver than this place. The food is spiceless, not authentic and the service is strictly okay. They should think about closing down this place as there is nothing exciting on the menu or in the buffet. I don’t think they have been very successful in pulling the crowd either. Would not return or recommend this place to others. Go to yak and yeti or Jewel of india. They are sooo much better.

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