my birthday

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. Unfortunately, I had to work, and it was a depressing day at the office, especially for a Friday. But to counter it, I had an awesome birthday dinner party. About 18 or 20 of my friends and family joined me at Sushi Mara for a fine meal. We were there from 6:30 to 9:30, so it was pretty much the whole evening. The food was good, and the company was great fun. And it was loud! Good thing I had that ear surgery a couple months back, so I could talk loudly enough to be heard by those around me.

I got a couple of birthday cards, but my gift from Beth was an awesome surprise. She got me a TiVo HD, which means we can now upgrade our TV service to HDTV, and get rid of one of the boxes in the entertainment center in the process (since the TiVo HD will take the place of our existing TiVo plus our cable box). I can’t wait to hook it up, but I also need to spend some time figuring out whether to go with Comcast or one of the satellite TV providers.


  1. So Todd – we are considering getting rid of cable. Did you go with a satellite provider? If so, which one and do you like it better than traditional HD cable? We only have the choice of Bresnan here in GJ, it friggin’ outrageously expensive! Just getting other peoples’ opinions before we make a final decision.

  2. We have digital cable. I didn’t go with satellite because we needed digital cable anyhow for our internet service. We could switch to cable for our phone service, too. It would save a few bucks a month, but Beth has been reluctant to do that. But now that we both have expensive cell phones, we’ve talked about cutting off our land line altogether. And with the rise of Skype and now Google, we need a phone line even less.

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