Heaven Star Seafood Dim Sum Coming Soon

The Armadillo Mexican restaurant in Broomfield went out of business a few months back.  H.K. is a Chinese guy I work with, and he’s from Hong Kong, the world center of dim sum.  He told me he heard that a dim sum restaurant was moving in there, and I was so excited!

You see, ever since being introduced to dim sum on a business trip to San Jose, CA about 12 years ago, I’ve been really fond of it.  But the nearest dim sum to Broomfield is way down on Alameda, where apparently almost all the dim sum restaurants in Denver are.  I’m a fan of King’s Land, myself.  H.K. says it’s the most authentic.

But then weeks came and went, and I started to wonder.  I did a little research and couldn’t find any information at all about a dim sum restaurant.  I did find the public record of the sale of the property.  I think it was in 2007 and the new owner didn’t have the kind of name I’d expect from a dim sum restaurantier, if you know what I mean (it was something like George Leonidas).  So I gave up.

But just last week, after several months of nothing, a sign went up on the building:

Heaven Star Chinese Dim Sum Coming Soon

That’s all.  No date.  But I have noticed that some mild and slow-paced remodeling has been going on there over the past couple weeks.  So, I’m back to feeling optimistic that we’re going to get dim sum.  I don’t know if this is strange or not, but this dim sum restaurant will be almost at the exact geometric center of Broomfield’s 3 pho restaurants, and no more than 300 yards from any of them.

I’m even thinking of inviting Jason Sheehan (the restaurant reviewer for Westword) to go have dinner with us on opening night, as a way of celebrating.  But I doubt he’d stoop to dine with mere mortals.


Update: The restaurant opened January 20.  I visited twice in the first week and wrote this review of it.  So I’m disabling comments on this post now.  Please leave your thoughts about Heaven Star over here.


  1. Last I drove by Main and 120th, they were still working on the new restaurant. Man, these folks aren’t quick. I remember how Broomfield’s Burger King went from bare ground to fully up in 3 days, and it’s taken Heaven Star 4 months to just remodel one restaurant into a new restaurant.

    1. I didn’t mean that Heaven Star is going to look like a Burger King, just that it took them forever to remodel the place. However, I’ve now been there twice already even though they’ve only been open a week – once for “regular” Chinese food from the menu and one for dim sum. I just haven’t have time yet to write up a review.

  2. I drove by and talked to the owners last week. They expect to open on January 8th. I can’t wait. They also said that the Heaven Star on Alameda isn’t going anywhere. This is an additional restaurant.

  3. I heard 3rd hand that Heaven Star just opened today. I’m out of town in Louisiana, but when I get back to Broomfield later this week, I’ll check it out for myself.

  4. Awesome, I have been driving by this place every day, glad to hear it (might) finally be open.
    I noticed they put up a sign that says something about “grand opening” but it is high up and on a part of the restaurant that isn’t close to the road, so I haven’t been able to catch if it is actually open or not. I noticed they put up some red flags around, so I assume if they are not open, they will be very soon.
    I’ll give them a try this weekend.

  5. Burger King? I have yet to visit Heaven Star but I doubt the decor is going to resemble anything remotely similar to a Burger King. Let’s not compare apples to oranges here. My wife and I are taking my parents there tonight for their anniverssary dinner and I will post back later with my review.

  6. Just went there last week. The food was great. The service was not so good. Will give them some credit since they just opened.

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