I think Dotster.com has jumped the shark

Open letter from Todd Bradley to Dotster.com, submitted by their customer support ticket  tracking system (since I couldn’t find any other way to send them feedback):


Hi, while I was at work today, I got an email from my wife. We share a website for our home business, and the domain name is registered at Dotster. I’ve been a customer of Dotster for a decade, and was originally very happy with your service. But my wife said she was so frustrated by the experience of simply renewing her domain registration that now she wants to move it to another service that actually costs less money.

At first I thought maybe she was over-reacting, so I walked through the process myself, and it’s a seemingly-endless stream of sales screens pitching services we don’t need or want! Now I can understand why she’s so frustrated. Why in the world have you decided to irritate your existing customers by forcing us through no less than 3 “upsell” screens? When I’m trying to pay you money, you should make that process as simple, quick, and smooth as absolutely possible. It’s basic business 101 – make it easy for me to do business with you.

I’ve recommended Dotster to probably 25 friends and coworkers over the years, thanks to the awesome way you once did business. If this is the new face of Dotster, I’ve got to tell you I’ll be recommending people stay away.

I know this isn’t a normal “support” issue, so please pass this feedback on to the manager responsible for your company’s web marketing.

Thank you,
Todd Bradley

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