which rainbow wig should I buy?

I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities. One of these three I want to buy and take to RollerCon 2013 with me. But which one?

Wig #1: Rainbow Glamorous Wig

Here’s how it looks on the model:

Here’s a simulation of how it would look on me:

rainbow wig 1

 Wig #2: Multicolored Feather Wig

First, the model (which is a styrofoam dummy):

And now me:

rainbow wig 2



Wig #3: Jumbo Rainbow Clown Wig

Here’s the model. I don’t intend to dress up as a clown, though.

And here’s a simulation of how I would look with it. Sort of like a psychedelic Bob Ross if you ask me…

rainbow wig 3

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  1. Feathers by all means. The clown wig is to “normal”. You know that your nieces love rainbows better than any other “color” (so I have been told).

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