Who wants what?

We’ve shifted gears from 1st to 2nd on our downsizing efforts.  Basically, we gotta get rid of 95% of what we own in the next couple of months.  2% will be going with us on the journey, and 3% will be going into storage.

Tiffany, a friend of ours, is doing the legwork to unload stuff through Craigslist.  She takes photos of the items, writes up the description, posts the ad to CL, and then attempts to weed out flakes that write back but don’t seem likely to buy.  Then she passes the legitimately interested buyers onto us.  If an item doesn’t sell, she reposts it, and sometimes changes the wording or lowers the price to get more interest.  And in return, she gets a percentage of the sale price as her fee.

We’re also thinking of having a big party sometime where people can come help us clear out the liquor cabinet (I think I have 5 bottles of good tequila of various types), and then wander around the house to see what they might want to take home with them.  It’ll be like a curated garage sale with friends and margaritas.  Sound like a good idea?  Wanna get invited?  Just leave a comment and we’ll be sure to add you to the guest list.

But, there’s also a bunch of stuff in the house that friends and family members have been putting dibs on.  Like one friend wants our awesome Dyson vacuum cleaner when we don’t need it anymore.  And Mom wants a dresser we have that her father built.  And that brings me to the real purpose of this blog post.  This page has The Dibs List:


If you want to get on The Dibs List, leave a comment on it!

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