several more big steps forward

It’s been a monumental week for the “12 Cities, 1 Year” project.

The week started by getting a third offer on our house.  This was better than either of the first two, and the only thing we didn’t like about it was a couple of the dates.  So we made a counter-offer with dates that worked better for us, and the buyer quickly accepted.  So the house is now under contract, with a closing date of June 22, 2011. The buyer will take possession of the house immediately after closing, which means we will start our great adventure immediately.

Now that we know when we’re leaving town, I was able to decide my last day as an employee of Polycom.  That will be the Friday before our closing (June 17), so I have the weekend and two more days to tie up any remaining loose ends.  With a final date of employment picked, I wrote a resignation letter to my boss and gave it to him Friday morning.  It’s plenty of advance notice.  But without a letter of resignation, I don’t think he can open a position to backfill me.  And since I’m such a nice and loyal employee, I want to give him as much time as possible to find and interview candidates.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even interview the person who’s taking over my job.

Looking at a calendar, we have just five weeks left in Colorado, and six weekends (including the current one).  So we’re planning to have a garage sale next Saturday.  We may need to have another one later, too.  We have a lot of things to accomplish in the next five weeks – downsizing our possessions, figuring out what to do with our mail once we don’t have a regular address, renting a storage unit somewhere, packing all our remaining possessions, and having at least one big going away party with friends.

It’s all very exciting, but also stressful.  I can’t wait for it to all be over, and to be on the road headed east.


  1. Any further info for the part time employment as I expected?
    Looking forward to further news on that~~~

    1. Hi, Baoyan. I think it is pretty certain that I will work part-time as a contractor for Polycom starting in August. Josh is very optimistic that all the final paperwork will be settled soon.

  2. Wow! I wish you and Beth all the best on your adventure. It is nice to see people follow their passion. Polycom will miss you.

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