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This week we moved into our new apartment in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. The quality of our neighborhood skyrocketed! This area actually feels and acts like a neighborhood that the residents care about, and you can see it just on the short walk from our apartment down to 6th Avenue. There, on a single block, I saw a homemade curbside little free library and then a homemade dog poop cleanup bag dispenser made from a used pop bottle zip-tied to a street sign. Someone took the time to build, install, and maintain these things, which is something we never saw in our part of Boulder.

But new digs also means new coffee, and since we’re in a much more urban area, we’ve gone from having just one coffee shop within a half mile to having several. My goal is to try them all. Here they are (results according to

  1. Pablo’s Coffee 0.1 mi – This is the easiest one to get to, by far. It’s a nice place with really good cappuccino and no WiFi.
  2. Starbucks Coffee 0.2 mi – I’ve been here before, too, but not since we moved nearby. It’s the Starbucks on 6th. When I’m in the area, I’d rather go to Moe’s Broadway Bagels instead.
  3. Buzz Cafe 0.4 mi
  4. Drip Denver 0.4 mi
  5. Dazbog Coffee 0.5 mi
  6. Dunkin Donuts 0.5 mi
  7. Roostercat Coffee House 0.5 mi – Nice small place downstairs on Lincoln between 10th and 11th. They use Coda coffee. Not very crowded or noisy, at least on a weekday morning.

Sadly, Sugar Bakeshop & Coffee House is 0.6 miles away, so it just barely didn’t make the cut. And this list doesn’t include other places that have great coffee but are primarily something other than a coffee shop, like Racine’s or – better yet – DJ’s 9th Avenue Cafe.

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