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UPDATE: The entire set of sound gear is now sold.


I bought a bunch of film sound gear back in 2006, and have used it very sporadically since then. But I realized I haven’t used most of it at all in the past year, so I’d like to sell it. I honestly don’t know what all this is really worth in 2015 prices. I can’t find most of these things on Ebay, since it’s fairly specialized gear. It’s all very well cared for, and I’m glad to prove it by taking extensive photos or having you come take a look in person. I’m annoyingly gentle and professional with my gear, and never smoke. It’s all in my apartment on Capitol Hill in Denver at the moment if you want to check it out.

I’d like to sell it all as one lot, to save hassle. Also, a lot of it is meant to go together; for instance, there’s no point in owning a a backup shock mount for a K-Tek boom pole if you don’t have the pole it fits. So I’m looking for someone to just make an offer on the whole set. I think there may be a few things that go with this stuff that I forgot to list, too. Like I see I listed the ENG cable, but I’ve also got an ENG cable extension that adds like another 75′ to it.

The two main items are the K-Tek graphite internally-wired boom pole and the Sound Devices MixPre. If you know location sound, you already know these two companies are widely considered the best in the business at what they do.

Here is the list of equipment I want to sell.

Item Purchased New Price
K-Tek KTK102CCR K-102CCR 5-Section Graphite Fiber Boom Pole 04/27/06 $564.95
K-Tek KTKSM Microphone Shock Mount 04/27/06 $119.95
50 ft. Cable ENG 09/26/06 $112.00
Sound Devices SOMIXPRE Mixpre 05/01/06 $665.95
POMX24MINI PortaBrace MX-24MINI Audio Mixer Case 05/01/06 $99.95
K-HE 750 Hodges Effect Brass Weight 10/26/06 $59.95
K-Tek KTKSM Microphone Shock Mount 10/26/06 $119.95

All that adds up to a smidge over $1700 new. Given the condition and longevity of this stuff, it’s probably worth about half of that used.

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