Monster and me – my trip to the Sydney skatepark

This post is gonna be shorter than most. It’s just a link to a video I made of two people roller skating. Yes, that’s right, I travel half way around the world and I’m still making videos about people skating. But hey this is my first skate park video from Australia! Here are the notes I wrote about it for Vimeo:

This one’s a bit different. There’s a weekly Chicks in Bowls outing Monday nights in Sydney, and I was able to stop in during our short visit. That week, though, only two skaters were able to attend. I shot a mix of stills and video, which is unusual for me. So I put it all together in a video, rather than just sharing the stills and video separately.

Lessons learned: I’m still getting the hang of this new camera, my Panasonic GH4. The weird lights — both indoor and outdoor — were pretty difficult. My next set of skatepark photos is during the day and look way better. I also shot a quick little segment with Power Pout where she explains the trick she made up that’s on video near the end of this. But I learned that the sound quality of the tiny built-in microphone on my camera just isn’t up the task of recording someone talking when there’s a lot of background noise from other skaters. So I couldn’t use that, sadly. It’s all about practice and learning, for both me and the skaters!

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