a few final thoughts about Jakarta

I already wrote about Jakarta’s streets and the weird stuff we saw there.

And I wrote about the warung dining experience, specifically at Warung Nasi 007.

And I wrote about our first experience with a style of food called nasi padang, which bewildered us but was also very tasty.

I also shot and posted a video showing what it’s like walking from our Jakarta B&B to a nearby restaurant.

So I don’t have much else to say about Jakarta, but I do have a few short things.

Photo by Beth Partin
Photo by Beth Partin

One day we visited the Cat Cabin, which is Kemang’s take on the whole “cat cafe” concept. I guess this started in Taiwan, and we’ve been to one in Denver. Well, it’s in Jakarta, too. I wrote this TripAdvisor review about it.

The place we stayed for the week we were in Jakarta was the Bangka Bed and Breakfast. I wrote a long review of it on TripAdvisor, but it seems to have been lost somewhere between my keyboard and the TripAdvisor web server.

One last reflection:

Jakarta as a city was strange because it was so mixed. There would be one nice, new store next door to a collapsing, abandoned store. Or a really nice village of new townhomes surrounded by old dirty low class housing. The human geography dynamics I’m used to didn’t seem to apply. You know how in America when a couple of new shops move into a run-down area, the other properties get improved to match? Or if one block of homes is really run down, the surrounding neighborhood also decays? That’s not how things seem to work here, and I don’t know why.
Now, on to Borneo…

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